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What are your expectations for him this year yeah so let me share a little you know he's last year. He came and i think we broke. We ate goalies playing for us so so <hes> when he came up i think it was after christmas and he came in and kinda. Kinda take took over and he played a lot of games for us. We had a lot of injuries for goalies and what he came in. He kinda relaxed everything. He did a great job in that he made us feel comfortable and for twenty year old to come in and make everybody else feel comfortable. You don't see that often so it's something we're really excited about having a young goaltender like that you know he's young but he doesn't. He doesn't act or play young so he's very mature kid and he's got his head is when <hes> when the puck drops. He's ready to go he. He knows what he has to do. You focus on themselves often. You can't ask for anything else. Good stuff plo jerus- joining us from the philadelphia flyers. I was just a couple more. I was noticing today claude that they're only seven guys in the league have been a captain of their team longer than you have. Do you like that role. Aw and how would you describe yourself in that rule. Yeah i love the role you know to be able to <hes> to be the captain of n._h._l. And i shall team. It's it's a great honor. I don't think we've had the success that we we think we we should have but you know i'm thirty. One people might might say. I'm getting a little older but i don't. I don't feel older so you know. I have a lot of years here to to kind of prove that maybe i can show a little bit more as a leader but the age of hockey <hes>. It's not really one guy that leads. It's it's four or five guys on the team. That's on the same page and and being able to lead a team together and your voices is stronger like that and i think i have. I have some good assistance in doesn't really have to to be an assistant captain. It could be a veteran. That's been through a lot and being able to communicate and so we make sure we communicate together and it's not it it's all about we'll just one guy on a team. It's about four or five guys being able to to be on the same page and share the message fish with the guys on the team he had such great bounceback year two years ago and honestly i should have been right there in the hart trophy discussion over one hundred points after having mm stats wise anyway not your normal numbers so you have over one hundred points in the eighty five points this past season so yeah as an observer. You look like you're right there at aged thirty one looking like the same player. You always have been i wonder have you given any thought visions to how long you see yourself playing this game. Uh since i turned thirty a lot of people ask me that question is how many years you left before and <hes> you know the only answer i got. I gotta go one year time. I'm and i'm gonna play as long as i can. I love the game. I love being a part of a group franchises like the flyers and i'm gonna play as long as i can dan. I'm going to play till they tell me. I'm not good enough so the only thing i can do is summers like this the the summer just make sure i prepare myself the best i can. I'm sure when camp starts. I'm in good shape and i think if i can do that. I can play for a long time so you see guys playing until they're forty forty. One obviously obviously the percentage of that is not high but that's my goal right now closed really a treat to talk to you best of luck in the.

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