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Andrew gillum why is it that Andrew gillum. Is now becoming, a household, name wise Andrew gillum becoming a national figure why was nominated in the first place well there's. A lot of facts you should. Know that and we're gonna talk about them the bench Shapiro show KABC news live and local at. Nine thirty I'm. John Wolf Seventy-three-year-old garden, grove man accused of killing his ten year old stepdaughter, and shooting and stabbing his wife is slated to be. Arraigned, today well coming. Up today Friday on tram has been charged with murder and. Attempted murder he had been briefly hospitalized for treatment of self inflicted. Stab wounds following his, Wednesday morning arrest officers tried to resuscitate the girl who was taken with her mother to UC Irvine, medical center and orange girl was pronounced dead ninety. Minutes later but the mother survive officer is eventually subdued trend with rubber bullets and bean. Bag rounds police say the couple had been having unspecified. Domestic troubles Ken Jeffries, KABC news the death toll for the greyhound bus crash in eastern New Mexico has risen from four, to seven actually to western. New Mexico, excuse me New Mexico, state police say a greyhound bus with an ultimate destination of downtown LA was struck by a big rig of interstate forty. New Mexico crash occurred near thorough near the, Arizona border greyhound and fish Will. Say there were forty, nine people aboard the bus which left Saint Louis yesterday, morning and had been scheduled to arrive in LA around. One, AM tonight after. A stopped in Phoenix early reports from the scene indicated at. Least seven people have died Fullerton police chief remains unpaid leave as. He awaits possible charges, for an off-duty incident did a lady antebellum concert last week James Rojas has more the incident involved, off-duty Fullerton police chief David Hendrix a police captain. And two EMT's who were treating the chief's wife while at a lady antebellum concert last. Week the spokeswoman Suzanne Schroeder says they're still looking at. Evidence submitted by Irvine, police Anderson their videos out there I understand that information is continuing to command one of the EMT's, working the five point amphitheatre. Is reportedly, looking to file charges, against Hendrix and the captain both officers are on paid leave and Santa Ana James throw Haas KABC news president drum may not have been a big fan of Senator, John McCain advice Resident, Mike Pence law delayed Senator in the keynote speech of, the American leaders one hundredth, national convention America will always remember and honor the lifetime of service of United States Senator John McCain police identified a twenty year, old Rancho Cucamonga man is the suspect in the shooting on the, Santa, Monica pier last week to lift a woman with a leg wound Yvonne Yvonne Galliano is in Santa Barbara San Bernardino, county sheriff's custody following his arrest by upland police, the same, day as the shooting in connection with an unrelated crime in l. a. city councilman Gilson DO helped celebrate the grand reopening, of a preschool in Lincoln heights named after him so was joined by, plaza Villarosa child development services community. Members at some preschoolers of the new Gilbertson center which was renovated using. Federal head start funds so the also presented plaza del Arousa child development with a twenty five thousand dollar check to benefit the organization's, unrestricted fund and said it's an honor to have a preschool named after me checking seven ninety KABC sport Angels beat Houston five to two tonight dodgers trailing Arizona. Three two one late Rams they lost in a preseason. Game none of the stars are playing twenty eight nothing, doesn't matter chargers laying in San. Francisco taking a look at seven ninety KABC traffic.

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