New York City Protests Over Death of George Floyd Turn Violent


And and I I to to protests protests and and violence violence in in Brooklyn Brooklyn across across the the nation nation what what began began as as peaceful peaceful demonstrations demonstrations in in the the hours hours after after the the arrest arrest of of a a former former Minneapolis police officer in the murder of George Floyd exploded in violence and looting as the night wore on in Brooklyn huge protests turned violent a police van set on fire a Molotov cocktail thrown in another one officer was hit with a brick scores of others hurt dozens possibly hundreds of people arrested attend several hours for police here around the Barclay center thousands of people filled with emotion flooded the streets the people people here held up signs and chanted and shouted at police as he tried to maintain control there were numerous moments of violence between police and protesters protesters threw water bottles and other objects at police and police pushed back at times some cops were injured as well as some protesters Sean Campbell from the Bronx says people here are upset after the police involved death of George Floyd hi this is already been started out violent Iritty started a violent so at this point people just vote in an angry so police made dozens of arrests filling up police vans corrections buses and MTA buses Derrius Rodgers ten ten wins at the Barclay center

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