Ep. 3,059: UFC 250 recap, Conor McGregor retires (again), where does Sean OMalley go from here, more - burst 10



It, but because there was no pressure at featherweight on June is, you could just kind of be that person, but technically Amanda Amanda News last fought as a featherweight eighteen months ago, all them other cats got pressure eight. What are you doing you? Let go one or the other, or what so not trying to hate I'm just trying to say. You know that. Will McGregor. Didn't even defending the One? But DC and pseudo were the other two who I guess could have had you know if they had injuries or whatever, and if they would have had a year and a half for one of them to just chill. Maybe they got around to a to. I don't know the other one was gop champ. but he was in a simultaneous championship. Radical tour, he wanted to tiles, but not simultaneously so let me ask you this question, okay? Who Fights I conor McGregor. John Jones and At all or I'll put it in order. MAS FIGHTS I Jones fight second. Connor honor than pseudo. So who does GonNa? Take a year off. And McGregor I think just loves the FI game you see how board. He looked when he was eating bees.

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