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K Easy You comes from Natividad offering a bilingual hotline to answer questions about covet. 19 nurses are available to talk at 8317727365. And applied solar energy designing and installing roof and ground mounted solar powered systems designed to meet each customer's specific energy needs. Learn more about going solar at a 31333 1919 4. It applied solar energy dot com. Marketplace is supported by Twilio, a customer engagement platform used by millions of developers to reinvent how businesses communicate with their users. Learn more in twilio dot com. The covert relief bill still in limbo. How Americans are trying trying being the key word here to take care of their mental health, and we've got a puzzle. From American public media. This is marketplace. Marketplace is supported by Drexel University. Drexel University's academic model prepares visionary leaders to address the challenges of a changing world. Drexel dot e d u slash ambition can't wait. And by McDermott will and Emory, whose health care lawyers, new video, serious highlights changes to the stark law and anti kickback statute. Video now at M W e com slash sprint ready And by Tia, who knows clients passion will never run out. Nor will t I A A is commitment not only to get clients to retirement, but through it more at T I A don Orc slash never run out. In Los Angeles. I'm a demon face in for Kyra Stall. It is Friday, the 25th of.

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