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Shut up leonard nobody even knows when you're talking about short i'm now i give zero anything yet i have a strong opinion about everything even topics i'm not informed on our feature presentation that is also how i live my life in fact welcome kids yet another all new kevin show this time it's a friday and it's the twenty ninth of june ladies chapel save on the road in this morning yeah supervising the last five minutes my dragon in the thirty five crate where's the fire it was i was on the five right before the crenshaw exit yeah could you tell what was on fire no all i saw were cars just smashed up i didn't see anything on fire map on the news the other night and they were showing the wildfires that are out of control in the west right now and there are about i don't know twenty of them i know that that's the case every every summer but it's shocking that it happens frequently or is it not i mean it's it's every year so it should get less shocking but it is good that it still concerns you it does concern me a lot because i'm trying to figure out like that fire this morning how did it start and a lot of times i feel like we never find out how those fires start we just accept that they this is that time of year and there they are you know i mean it's it's not lightning right that's not that hasn't been in the weather what do you think happened i don't know what fire you're talking about the one that chip saw this yeah oh it was i thought it was a hillside where are we talking about oh i thought it was a hillside there's a lot of times you see those around you know you're driving down the hillside off all right there's a car crash right mission solve the mystery solved then she'll so much better about this now mystery was only on your end true yeah okay close can we go yes sweet have every weekend everybody bye bye all right everybody okay everyone okay i have been hearing this story leading up to this weekend about how it's the best time in the history of legal pot sales in california albeit at sony bit a few months for the recreational marijuana but they're gonna be cleared sale at a lot of the pot shops this week okay they they relaxed some of the standards when they allowed marijuana to go on sale recreationally back on january first and now they have created more stringent rules about testing for things like pesticides and mold and things like that so all of the pot that has been on your shelves for the last six months that doesn't meet the new standards that go into effect on sunday have to go oh wow so deep discounts going on on pot shops all over california bargainbasement bud is what they're calling but you've got to act fast because again they're not legally allowed to sell it after sunday so places are just like they do when toys r us has gone out of sale you know it's a twenty percent off a couple of weeks ago and then it's forty percent off and then it's sixty percent off and you know if you go in on saturday night they're practically going to be given it away just because if they if they don't sell it they have to they have to burn it or turn turn over and destroy it just left he's the parking lot what if they just have joffrey from toys r us dolan outweighed i mean that can make the best of a bad situation tell me you saw the photo talk about it it all dressed up as little jacket is pads holding a suitcase empty toys r us store with bare shelves nothing behind him i know his face doesn't change but i saw sadness i saw said.

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