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It was so spotty my undergraduate career because at that point I was in a race against time. I wanted to finish his click is I could and get working as quick as I could just to kind of well, a naysayer in my house and be able to show them that it was viable that this was not some kind of a crazy whimsical dream that should have been a hobby in order to be able to quell it all. I need to work as quick as possible. So in undergrad, Montopoli to get it done as quickly as possible amend from there, what did you do? So from there I was super lucky that when the good luck actually started in and that's another. Difference between studying than in studying. Now you could do some crazy notion call learning on the job back then. Do that now. You know, they expect you to know it all and be able to teach from your first day. It wasn't like that at all. It was comment. Let us show you how this thing works in. So I was really fortunate. I got a job as a production assistant in. It was crazy. It was just a terrible terrible job, but it was phenomenal in that I've learned from some real masters who had the courage to tell me that I did know anything, but that they would teach me and that really made it worthwhile. And I think that was the foundation that launched the group career because they're learned lots of humility. And I learned that the smartest thing I would know was not to fixate on what I knew, but to really focus in search for what I didn't know learn that. And that was where that all started. You ended up within the Pratt institute. Tell me what your time was like there. So that was where I'm starting to live the dream on a high high level. The thing about my graduate education in as much as I was terrible undergraduate student, I was much much better graduate student because I wanted it more and I knew the value of it more a paid for that through two jobs while I went to school. And so there was no notion of flunking class in take an old or anything like that, but you can imagine that being a designer working as a designer in not having gone to what I considered. One of the proper design schools was a bit of a of an issue for me that little doubt in my head all the time. My undergraduate had been so spotty in even though I was working as a designer making at that time really good. Money doing well. I just didn't have the confidence that I needed, and that was what led to the decision to go to grad school and that also was another unpopular decision. I mean, everybody said you have jobs, why are you going to grad school? Why would you study war of this? You're doing okay. Nobody really seemed to understand that everybody at that time thought that to go to grad school in designers because you want to teach and I didn't necessarily wanna teach. I just wanted to feel more confident in design in so proud is always the dream act taken a class at SBA end. It was at that time a great school, but it really didn't feel right for me practice did the people connected with me a love to my faculty there Don area was really good to me who ran the department at the time. I just had good connection. I even door the librarian. There. So it was just it was a good moment for me and I found out I was not the worst student anymore, and I also found out I knew more than I thought I did about design. So that was that was a good. It was very, very great for my design self esteem crack changed my whole life. Wow. Will it's several several guests on the show that have really spoken super highly about Pratt. I mean, mostly well, good number from head came from extra from h. We see you. There was like a scene like time. It was like a pipeline between Hampton university in Virginia and Pratt institute, but it really sounds like, I mean, it sounds like it was just a really great supportive, affirmative kind of place..

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