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Step up having Korea in his own way I think I think he's doing a job isn't he? Liked them at first. He's basically he's a winger playing playing wine and so immediately you're going to get hammered every time somebody beats you down. That side gets yet but They they they played before intellectual this weekend right they must everyone goes so there's a chance for let's see how these involvement to be top league for a couple of hours. How about that? And Wow Inzaghi could've so neil even even dispose because they're nearly address that point you trust the fact that he's known both doggy brothers for thirty years going back. 'cause here's they're all the same age going back to when he was a kid hanging around the u the To close I don't know I don't think which is like an attachment of if you knew Roy. No but I would imagine that I think has enough of a life of his own when people anxiety was playing for you in the late nineties and little grandly was was watching him. I would assume that she wasn't there too but I don't know maybe maybe that's what I'm thinking. My knee jerk. Reaction is why he even willing to tell you. Yes yes. There's two ways to read this because the analytics people came out and said wrong but the legendary Mr Chip Alexis on On twitter he put out the stock. Which is the since Cristiano Renaldo been at UVA? He has taken thirty eight. Free kicks in all competitions and you score it is my knees. Nikki which is to say zero on. What I find most worrying was that twenty. Four of them have hit the wall. Nabis comes in the context of the fact that you have two guys who both been pretty good free kick takers and meet Olympia. Niche and Paolo Ubaidah. Giving John Renaldo driven we love to depict him as sort of this cartoonish. Egotist wants to move all Mimi mean want to do everything and diva the knee jerk reaction from many would-be to say. Hey Cristiano Stop hogging the ball. Let the other guys take it once in a while is that fair did take one against the August yes Burnham at the state we should meaning Since two thousand seventeen no free kick I. I'm voting in favor of not letting him take anymore for all the time. But you have I mean depends on position depends on voting is obviously squirrel the penalties you'll the guy in everything you see what worries me and you need you. Deeper analysis the twenty four of them have hit the wall now. I'm assuming through a very tool healing affair. Portion of this is when it's far away and he's trying to belt it through the wall but some of those undoubtedly ones that were closer in. We're trying to get over will now. That's something panic and develop especially if you have a good history of doing. And he does not so this might be something that that they rethink that said the analytics people said. Don't be too harsh on Rinaldo. Because cumulative pre shot expected goals those thirty eight was actually one point. Six four so unwanted calls yeah. I could simply be variance but obviously because it's cristiano that stat out because like I don't know how expect it goes Takes into account fact that well I do now I would like to know I would like to know what the expected goes. On for instance Maryland cheese all these freaks because the fact is the package. Whatever your criticisms often has scored freaky experience. So is that not just that? He's a player. Who Doesn't before nine hundred twenty sixty nine? Neither of them is entering a pillow. Search for sees my knee-jerk reaction isn't very profound. It's just that after seeing driscoll that go in the in the messy manigault match much Zeke at the top of the scoring charts. I continue to feel saddened by the prospect that he might be the end of the season. I think he should. I think we need to solve their thinking out and get into the contract on because I think you do think they should. I think that's what he should do. Definitely going to renew it shortly now. Well for now. There is no progress on that. Now something done right wasteful. End It with my knee jerk which will undoubtedly be the most profound. I joke but You know it's funny you head and Collini said and all these people said at the time that it was gonNA take until minimum February for you to see the power of Saudi And his his sort of game infiltrates the place. What I think is so interesting. Is Nick a Genoa needed? Three Games for all of that to happen. You know they went from being the walls bust team instead he to being side that managed to get two goals against dot. Su that has beaten Bologna. Three nil that is just decide that looks like they have a strategy game. Plan a lot of confidence for a team. That's fighting relegation and a belief in themselves and I just feel like this is sometimes what great coaching is and he did this with crony and now I just think I really want to see the sky stale and and I I hope he always gets better and better. No I mean. Let's go with me. I Still Wanna Dan Dan or which one of you does. I'm there and willing but that's all we have time for. Let's let's see what happens next week when we'll bring you the results of the great known tabby issue into. We'll see that you.

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