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Extra, work is parents I imagine because like you said you have to be super intentional. You have to kind of be vocal like if they go to a majority white school. or Even if you go to a school that has diversity but. A lot of times. The administration's are not diverse, so then you have all these brown and black children attending schools where? Their cultures are not being celebrated. In a way that. Really celebrates right not just like we're going to read this book about Martin Luther King because it's Martin Luther King Day week, but really really having those discussions. Which I also think is something that as parents were black children. You have to go the extra step if you're living those. Communities that. Aren't. Quite right that aren't. Predominantly. Absolutely so. Let's talk about joy as an act of resistance because. It's really hard to be joyful right now. But I love this idea. Of Finding Joy. Because I think that that kind of keeps us going, I was having a discussion with my husband this morning I, said. It's really hard. Like I don't want to think about the conspiracy theories and I don't want to think about all these. Awful things, because then what else is there? You know like I? WanNa think that there is a better future ahead man. I think that in the midst of all this chaos. Joy Or kind of taking a back just looking at our children and the way they see things helps us continue the work because. If you're in the space in your an activist near. Like. It's it can wear you down so easily so. Talk to me a little bit about I mean. Do you agree you don't agree? You could say you don't agree you know. How do you joy in? What do you think about this idea that? They can't take our joy I read that somewhere i. don't remember where but. I agree I think during this time I've been really open to my kids filling all of the emotions, and so when they do get angry or frustrated. I'm like yes I totally understand why. You don't WanNa. Sit On zoom for another hour and do your work like I. Yeah, you can be angry about that so this whole time I fully let my kids experience all the fill in even when they. They get loopy and they get cabin fever, and all of that part of the the coping mechanism is finding joy in those moments is is laughing, and there are moments where I sit down, and just cry and cry, but then I remember like you know Carol Baskin is they're still in the world, and just think with the Tigers, and you know all that silliness. I'm just like you know what. We can walk and Chew Gum. We can have our all of our emotions and frustrations, and we can laugh at the ridiculousness of at all. And so I think that is a form of resistance that I'm not GonNa, let it get me such. The situation put me in such despair that I can't see the humor in it all or even the fact that they said the murder Hornets were gonNA come I mean. I was I thought that was more funny than I was concerned like. What do you do account? You're really good about posting. On social media and the three of us have a presence meteorite. You're very good about. You know like. Resources and there's a protest and there's this and there's that and then you post. You know like I went out for ice cream. And like something that made you happy and that's like everyday life and. Do get to you get. Like somebody like called you and be like. Why are you posting about that? There are more important things. Post about because I feel like that is also something that because you're in social media posting. That is also a possibility. Right that people are gonNA be like. This like why are you telling me that you're posting? You know you're making cookies when the world's on fire. You know what I mean we still. Have you gotten that, and do you ever I think at some point loss? Just.

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