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We're playing my kids and got a phone call, obviously from might have been s too fancy at the time or Chris Wallace one of the two they let me know what was going to happen. And you know, soon as I found out I called coach. Just say, I Pol is home for whatever reason felt guilty about the whole situation. And and thank them for what he helped with my game. And what he did for team in the year. He was here. And then wishing the best I knew and we kinda laughed afterwards. Because I was like you're going to be coaching real soon. Anyway. So you know, I'm seeing on the sideline because he's that kind of guy. And luckily, he got that job. The Knicks also pay a lot more than the grizzlies. All right for him. He did. Did you know that there was let's say tension between him and Mark. I mean, it was at at at the beginning is no different than like any player. Coach tension. You know, like if coach yells at you, you natural instinct is to say something back, or, you know, kind of beat defensive unlike well, actually, you know, whatever it may be and that was normal. And and obviously, I think there's got to certain levels where you know, they're both kind of the same person in the sense that they demand such a high level of accountability upon each other. And so like some points, they would they would clash but other than that, man. You know, Mark went out there, and he played you know, he supposed to do coach out there and coach. And and that's how did you ever try to talk to Mark and be like, can you can we calm down a little bit and give them a chance. Yeah. You know? We it was the same. It was both ways. It was like, you know, coach man, you know, layoff him. Y'all y'all good? You'll be all right. You know, the. And Mark Mark same way. Like, you know, keep moving forward about the these guys in this locker room and coach's a great coach. And he's doing a great job. And and he was like, no, we gotta we gotta figure it out. And we we tried and I guess then the day just wasn't enough. She's a Lionel Hollins used to say much worse things to me than whatever's going on here. Oh, yeah. Line was. Oof. Always not listening right now. He says never repeat the word. I think you saved his worse for at Dottie that was that was the legend where he would just hammer the poor guy. Oh, man mad. Met Ahmed gravis Vasquez. Oh my God. He would get on grave so much for what I don't know. You just head has guys. He would just go actor for a year. And then once you prove to withstand it, he, you know, you're like his best friend Dottie. He's put wherever he is. He's putting up good per thirty six minute numbers. He's still playing sure. Couple of quick grizzlies. Mike Conley history ones ego. Chris Wallace was telling me, you're you're much..

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