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And hottest ultra fighting each other up mason fossil looking out there and say to ban start then towards the hairpin not yet but that's what bonuses of months in new we can't just taking stock for the moment for munson munson and balanced our look like the capping foster and harris at the moment fucking third to the right honda running over very nearly. You come josh bannister up of a month. A month is on rigs at switching over to turn number eight on the circuit right honda before the final corner and look at the once again. Mason foster on the back of balanced are on of course monson. There's only two laps remaining dining. That's eighty one degrees anyone's race okay second third fourth and that's the basle women joining so far nine point five seconds as the gap between donald munson seriously just how far aw he's been able to push in this loss rates he still quicker than sign and co and he's really letting off now is that was a fifty one and a half off to go munson under pressure again. Just bannister bannister enjoys this first part of the two left complexes providers pulling off the sites to get away. All of the riders very conscious not intervene in the battle through the bank's pay once again. This is the penultimate lap for these writers samuel months of just lays the lake aches throw it into the first part of the chicane left right through the five corners and just is about it's over the line. They're starting their final. No lab final after tony ghana's well but this is a mountain in second third step both pasta and faith of ours who is liam. That's going to take second place place. I'm not sure who could be one thing we do know as they joining garner's bake number fifty seven. We'll be packing up another race to extend his championship leave. There's a few more corners to goal.

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