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Big difference is the takeout the pick five take guts only fifteen percent making it a much better play than a pick for. It's a free square. The problem is it doesn't help you in any way shape or form life is good winds. Everybody's got it if life is good doesn't win you're busted out but indeed it's a pick foreign. You don't need to spend any more money on it okay. So life is good gonna be uber. Tough to beat in the grey to kelso goes. is the fourth race tomorrow at belmont park. We jump all the way to race number ten for the grades three athenian and this one not nearly as cut and dry as what we see in the kelso these are phillies and mirrors set to go a mile and an eighth on the turf person. Two hundred thousand dollars by the way can tell you. They were off the turf. Today at belmont park didn't have bad weather today but they did have some bad weather overnight so gonna have to watch the weather. I don't think they're expecting a lot of bad weather going into the weekend But this turf race will see what the turf condition is for the athenian once again the phillies and mirrors going long. We do have heavy favourite on the morning. Line out one to nine but three to five with number four pocket square. Well it's only a five horsfield and the to chad. Brown runners make a ton of sense. The favourite pocket square in miss horon. The number two course and those are the two favorites in the race. I do prefer the favourite pocket square. I just thought that two races. That horse lost the diana and the justice game against all tika summer romance facing much much better competition got down to a better more appropriate level an absolutely annihilated one hundred thousand dollar optional kramer's last time out at saratoga and that was a race that saw a reasonable but nana fast temple by any stretch of the imagination and pocket. Score was still able to come from behind and score without any sort of difficulty. The other chad brown runner. I think may be pretty good has been in against good. Not great competition has won four races and thirteen career starts. A couple of those came before coming to this country two years ago. But i just haven't seen it against stakes competition yet. So i'm waiting for that. I think those two probably I mean if i were playing a pick five or pick six. i wouldn't go more than two deep. Would you know. And i may not even go to deepen the spot. I think pocket square lays over this field. I mean what you said is right. Those two stakes races were she was in the great ones against altea and some around lancer just better field than what she's going to see today. Yes she dropped all the way down into higher level allowance races to win in her two wins here in the states by the way i don't think it goes without saying that those two wins were with iran ortiz aboard and he sticks aboard the daughter of night of thunder again. Listen this is a great three race. It's not the toughest grade three race we've ever seen. It's really no different. I think than some of the higher level allowance races. She's been winning. Pocket square deserves to be three to five. I don't think we'll get three to five honor. But i think she's another one. That is a free square. If you're playing maybe late pick five the pick six late pick for. I think she's going to be too tough to be pocket square for me in the grade. Three athenian tenth race tomorrow at belmont park mentioned earlier. That tomorrow is the marquee day at parks. There was a time earlier in season.

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