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Story opens with students racing with cases of beer around the lake, stopping to chug upchuck and chug some more eggs. That's what it is to just thank you. Hit vessel will come soon. But some of their middle aged male teachers feel stale in life and decided to undertake with they insist is an experiment. Keeping their blood alcohol level up through the days make them livelier, Less inhibited, more interesting. Do you think another round is directed by Thomas Vinterberg and stars Mads Mikkelsen. He was a bond villain, of course in Casino Royale and the star and director both legends in Danish and international film and they joined us both now. One from London. One from Copenhagen. Thank you very much. Both of you for being with us. Thank you very much. Thanks for having us. Mr. Vinterberg. Let me ask you is the director research people look into this. There is a totally in supportable hypothesis. By a Norwegian psychiatrist. That human beings are born with a blood alcohol deficiency. Right. I don't think it levels up to be a real academic theory. It's just something he said, really. But I found it very amusing. And I found it interesting to test in this movie of ours. Which, of course, is about much more than just alcohol. Well, it's about feeling stale in the middle of your life. It's about looking for ways to be vital and pertinent and Feel like you're contributing to the world. Madge Mickelson. Why did you want to play Martin? Like mine. First of all, and I like Thomas Vinterberg. So that was a good combo. One of the things that Thomas is so good at is to place. Ordinary people in extraordinary situations and Marching. It's standing on the platform and the train has left him. And he realizes that within 10 minutes of the film and luckily has got good friends that will cheer him up with the theory that the solution to his problems and Vince comes the alcohol. They do have some interesting results at first, Don't they? Intriguing results? Let me put it that way. They briefly become more imaginative teachers, Mr Vinterberg. Did anybody drink on set while this film was being made? No alcohol was served on set. No way did we did do a alcohol boot camp because it's very difficult to play drunk, So we did need some rehearsal time, but that was prior to shooting. We did look at a lot of material video material to see how people are falling around when you When you get really drunk. We did have fun with it more to say Mass. A lot of fun and then it's always a test for an actor to play drunk, and most access will approach it with the idea of trying to hide that you're drunk. A little like in real life. You had a couple of beers and you don't want your wife to notice you try your very best to be sober. That makes your movements of slightly slower, little more precise. We obviously have to go on a completely different level. We have to go. Charlie Chaplin drunk is from one of the things we learn. What's that? You can't really go do it? Because it's insane. What they're doing, and one of the primary things is that they fall and when you fall You do not use your hands to stop the fog. You use your face, So so we experimented a lot with that. Wow, on. Of course, there is a scene where they one of your characters uses his face to stop a wall. Let me put it that way. That's the way the excuse to make the film is the theory of syrup on fire. Percent of alcohol in the human body. But Thomas always makes films about life. And this is not an exception is for me. It's a film about embracing life, you know. Do not look into the future and envy that do not look into your past and regret. Everything tried live in your present. And for me, that's what the film is all about. The alcohol's just excuse to tell that story. There's this thing in our lives. That they're very measured, very controlled. The iPhone that I'm holding in my hand is measuring How many steps I take? My daughters have to lay out their plans for the future very early in their lives. When you put the bottle to your lips, you open the door to the uncontrollable. To something which can be more inspired and less framed. The uncontrollable can be beautiful. Things like falling in love is uncontrollable is not something you can buy on the Internet. Or you can ask for in a supermarket. The movies a lot about that. It's a lot about inspiration. Word spirit is embedded in the word inspiration and it's about it's about living in the best possible way, I guess. Yeah. And you don't need to drink to do that. Not necessarily. No, it's it's the risk. It's the expiration. It's the lack of control. That's interesting not to drink itself. Yeah. Because the message I get from your film is that drinking has its place. And we should keep it in its place. Yeah, but that place could be quite good. We can't ignore the fact that it's here, and it's been here for this long as we've been riding down stories, so let's see what it actually can achieve and just do it with modesty, of course. Well, like Humphrey Bogart said. It's like the world has always been a couple of drinks behind. Oh, yeah. E never heard that one. Okay, um I got to tell you, Mr Mickelson. I was amazed by what a superb dancer you are. Thank you so much, sir. Thank you so much. You should have seen me 30 years ago that well, I don't want to give away any plot points. I've subsequently learned. I guess you were a Jim Nist, but it's a flabbergasting and delightful scene. Yeah..

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