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Gaffey into films probably the most well known being breaking one and two but how did that happen how did you transform from had you done any acting for as roma ask you before you even did the film and how did that process happen did you have a connection dejected dish in how did that come about film breaking which actually opened up your real well i had what breaking with the kind of a onetwothree punch lifetime group breaking came along about the nineteen seventy seven toni basil had left the group already in presumably a recording career fred berry lifted ping would went onto protrayed rerun on the show what's happening with and it kinda left me with the managerial duties and at that point at that point i was really managing and leading the group we had a meeting at my in in my garage while while we were rehearsing for the dick van dyke specials and the guys come on junior proton and you know we want shalva due to be the manager we want into lead the group and we wanna make it official of course that set will with done and nine you know out there a few expletives toby go for my own group i should get out for my group and i took his advice and i said we'll after the dick van dyke show that would go solo when i said that campbell junior that shalva do leave i'm out and after when he said that of course flukey said kemba union shabby not there that i'm out and they really the the group disbanded at that moment and after the special i embarked on a solo career and then show.

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