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The control group. Just following standard diabetes care and the other group Got Standard Diabetes Care Plus Dietary Terry intervention which was very similar to our traffic light system. They are free living people just being taught how to eat. Show them the movie forks over knives to the all the carbohydrate Heidrich food you want all the potatoes all the fruits or wherever you want lots of Greens you gotta limit. The high fat foods limit the avocados limit the nuts and seeds. Keep your percent percent of calories from fat between seven fifteen percent. That's what they and so in this study. They reported the greatest weight loss of any Saudi ever published changed without calorie restriction and without exercise at six and twelve months so lost twenty six pounds at six months they also saw every single participant spent reduced their medication use. They saw a one. C value dropped from six point zero to five point five in the intervention group in the Control Group agency went up five point five percent to five point seven so they went. Doing Standard Diabetes Care became more diabetic. Moving into the prediabetes category. So it was great study and it just again illustrates. When you're eating healthy whole foods you genuinely can eat large amounts really is? It's the balked that gets you fall. It's the fiber plus the water that makes the food so satisfying. And by the time. You're like mechanically I. I don't even food. You haven't eaten that many calories. It's sort sort of naturally calorie restricting. You could adjust the calorie density if you want to either lose weight or gain weight all within the parameters of the green foods that we have listed in the book concerns. Okay the question is what are we going to be talking about six months from now. Yeah Okay here's what I think. There's a difference between what I want to be talking about what I think the world world is what I think the world is going to be talking about is going to be key Tokyo. Tokyo's can get it's GonNa get even more hardcore Kito and there's going to be a lot more conversation about is the Ketogenic Diet something. That's actually good for long term health. Because there's a substantial number of short term studies that are showing improvements in ten weeks or three months or six months but over the course of the time. We're going to get these studies. They're going to be two two years five years and beyond and I think that's going to be a big topic of conversation. Do I wanNA talk about that. Sure I think it's moderately partly interesting. I would rather talk about the true power of eating carbohydrate rich foods like I mean it's broken record. At this point I would love to see see more studies showing the true metabolic power of just like what rob you're saying of a diet that contains more fruits a diet that contains more starchy the vegetables with out calorie restriction. That's what I wanna see and I think that the evidence is there. The evidence has been there for a long time. I would like it to become more popular. I would like it to become more mainstream. Because that's where the true beauty of a plant based Diet lies and that's where the true I think a lot of science that's yet to be discovered lies but yet somehow the conversation is not really focused on that and the conversation has more in the sort of How do I eat more fat more bacon more cheese? Look I always go back my favorite quote about nutrition which I think describes my philosophy. Eh Michael Pollen eat food not too much mostly plants right it's pretty straightforward. Yeah I can do that yeah. It's a very simple philosophy. That's one of the things and we've also learned over. The course of time is that this world can get really really really complicated. And we can zoom down into tiny little details about arguing where the triglycerides entered word exited converted Yada Yada and Dino Valente Genesis here and there we can geek out on all that stuff is fine but at the end of the day again. What matters is the public health recommendations recommendations? What matters is what people are are actually doing in the real world and if you have a philosophy that's just that simple you know eat? The by the consensus here amongst many different types of researchers now is eat a diet that is mostly plants right small amounts of animal food. And if you do that you reduce your stress levels you exercise frequently bone. That's the one more thing that people are going to talk about in the world of diabetes health specifically sure it'll be like ahead of the curve because this this is going to become a big deal going on the record on the record. The diabetes world is going to get fascinated with the concept of time in range and that is basically a metric where we're using continuous glucose monitors which measure our bug because every five minutes and again these are becoming a big deal type twos as well with the freestyle. Lebron some measure of how much time are we spending in a specific range and the diabetes community specifically for type. One have said that the goal range is between seventy the and one eighty he wanted to be there for a minimum of seventy percent of the day. Okay now you don't WanNa be low which is below seventy for any more than four percent of of the day and then above one eighty minimize as much as possible and unfortunately the type one community at large. We're not doing well. So people who are using a multiple daily injections or decks COM G. Six they're getting time in range. Roughly between fifty sixty five percent people who start using an insulin pump. They get a little bit improved time in range. Maybe closer to seventy percent people who use a closed loop system where continuous glucose monitor talk to the insulin. Insulin pump and sort of acts as a pancreas a calling. An artificial pancreas is a recent study. Just come out came out. In Two Thousand Nineteen New England Journal of Medicine. They found people are getting closer. To the seventy five percent time and range that was the average and so this metric people are going to talk about as being more important than a one-seat especially with type one because because the criticism is that if you have a lot of low blood glucose readings that's GonNa change the average and you can get a artificially low A.. ONC- like you you really going up. and down spending a lotta time high but because if you have enough lows that average will come out good and you can get solid one-seat so we've decided to start really paying attention to this and really be able to address that concern so I personally have been monitoring my timing range very diligently and I'm happy to report that following this method outlined in the book Oh my time and ranges ninety one percent which is really high really good. My low percentage is three percent and then my high is like six and the less than fifty five is less than one percent. So I want people to know that when you're eating these carbohydrates we've been talking about all day long today. They do not cause insulin spikes they're not gonNA cause this crazy volatility in your blood glucose so these devices also measure your average blog macos than you can imagine the standard deviation from Davidge Baku coast. And you're supposed to be that average. The standardization should be no more than three times. But to that average more than one third but the one thing I was messed it sadistics aspects is a funny so I'm happy to report. The mine is one fourth so again. There's not like these crazy crazy. Fluctuations so and people living with type two diabetes the freestyle published data on five hundred thousand people using the device and even then the only people that got close to seventy percent where people who are scanning fourteen times a day. Because it doesn't talk to your phone directly you have to scan. So it's really the diabetes community like we're struggling in that area area and we want to show people how they can absolutely improve and use technology. So the technology's crazy Jason. I WanNa have some fun here. Can I talk to Siri sure. Hey Siri what's my g. It's one hundred. Forty one and steady last check two minutes ago. The fact I'm I'm living with type one diabetes for twenty years and the fact that I can ask my phone. What my bug because reading is is mind boggling? So what we've done as as far as technology is great especially for people living with type one but of course we want people with pre diabetes type two diabetes. Let's let's make it a thing of the past. Let's you insulin sensitive..

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