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To spin it down to the corner picked off by soderbergh fling it across the rink duncan keith grabs the puck ahead of gabriel linda scott back into the hawk zone moves it over to seabrook along the right boards to patrick kane of center ice circle this faults only ab line down the left wing runs into a check their from landis gog and falls down landis coggins up with the puck and put it out up the left wing side here's an in front of the benches at center ice drops it down the boards in behind the hawk net keith kept it away from mckinnon there with a polk to patrick kane and you'll carry right wing through center ice front of the benches over the line came down to the call corner roles off at check tried to spend it into the high slot at the skate a your co ricochets away the ask get it mckinnon racing through center ice over the hawk line to the right wing boards stops sets up markel he fires from the right point that was blocked in front tyson jost within takes the puck and spotted over to the far corner hawks blake hillman in his nhl debut will fling it up the far side to martensson he clears to the line the ass get it back warshafsky sent the puck off the boards into the hawk zone hillman moves it over to alter he'll bank a pass up the right wing to center ice swore softy shouted across the rink for joe's hotline right wing lost the puck into the hawk zone hillman sends it ahead to center ice altered the ab live an across to tyson berry alexander kirkwood hawk line right wing he sent it over to the left wing corner ulster leaf ended up the right side and martensson and the former apple lift the puck down into the app zone the ads get it back and regroup on either team right now has had a real good opportunity is this kind of back and forth get parks old wild just got destroyed hip needed not see alexander kirkwood's not a big guy five ten one hundred seventy five pounds cut rock shot for the line by dora stopped in front puck ticket away secure along the left boards hawk and he'll skate it out the center dumps the puck.

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