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Teach I like I want to come from a point where I'm saying I I know that I don't know what I need to know. So Hey, you teach me but I'm asking people do work if I'm right if it's like, hey, why I don't want to pay you but why don't you do all the work of educating me please, right? So that was something that I hadn't I hadn't realized before and I. I realize. Okay. I. Can. I can kind of see where that issue is So along those lines, I would love to hear you know. Where you would where you would suggest somebody should start. There are resources like what is. The start if. You don't want to. Burden everybody else with doing education that I should have. Frankly right. Agreed. I have a couple thoughts right. We'll watch just basically up like this entire conversation we've been having and I think like I. Just want to emphasize the point of. How Turquoise was sharing this process that each of us individuals have to go along right we're on on this pathway in this process of where we are when it comes to Inclusion and diversity. I don't WanNa say issues but you know topics are concepts. So that process is very, very much driven by emotion in by behavior. So a lot of the work that we do is not only trying to teach these concepts but also teaching that this process is behavior change. It's like anything else I kept trying to Jim and workout I'm trying to eat better. Like many decision as he's choices, directly impact how this change is going to be facilitated over time right? So I like I think that's like one of the biggest things I want to say just being mindful of these these behavior changes in English because you are going to get an emotional response especially if it's like something that you only know you know. Might. Be might be anger might be like..

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