Attorney, Kelly, Paul Manafort discussed on Mark Levin


Finger shocked ambassador nominated. I'm Barbara Kusak. Kelley's attorney describes him as being shellshocked as a Cook County grand jury indicted, the R and B singer on ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. Kelly is expected to turn himself into authorities tonight and appear in Bonn court tomorrow in Chicago attorney Michael who represents two alleged victims called Kelly a predator. I am confident that he will be convicted in other jurisdictions as well, and he will rightfully die in a prison somewhere whether it being or elsewhere in America, President Trump nominated the current advisor to Canada Kelly night craft to serve as the US ambassador to the United Nations replacing Nikki Haley, correspondent Kaitlan Collins reports craft was tapped after State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert withdrew from consideration. We know this is someone that has been pushed by not only Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, but also the secretary of state Mike Pompeo for this role. The Manhattan District attorney's office reportedly is preparing state criminal. Charges against former Trump campaign chairman. Paul Manafort details from correspondent Carris canal. New York Times is reporting that the New York district attorney's office has led by Sivan's is investigating and is preparing charges against Paul Manafort. Now, according to the times, a grand jury has been convened and has been hearing evidence, and that it was likely to come to a vote in the next coming weeks. Wall Street ended the trading week with gains as correspondent and Cates. Tells us the Dow Jones industrial average rose one hundred eighty one points and closed above twenty six thousand while the NASDAQ advanced by sixty eight points, the ninth straight week of gains for both indexes the S and P five hundred climbed eighteen points with investors hopeful a trade deal will be reached with China. The Federal Reserve says in light of a slowing global economy last year's financial market turmoil. The central Bank intends to remain patient in determining when to make future changes in its benchmark interest.

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