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To get Tampa goal, but Khudobin finds the puck In his crease. No, we haven't seen rope, a hint since he went sliding hard into the boards earlier this period. So Pavelski is out here with Giuliano and Yan Mark. Race off to the right of Khudobin controlled by the stars. Lendell moves the puck out Dallas with a 32 lead, They led to nothing. Rating points, scored twice for Tampa Bay, then Corey Perry with the go ahead goal for Dallas. Had been to the red line. Flips it ahead stars now in control of the puck shots or 21 13 Tampa Bay under six minutes remaining in period to Albert for letting Steve Goldstein way come to you from our studio in Stamford, Connecticut. Stars and lightning from Roger's Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Game five tomorrow. Back to back Now set ahead to the left of Vasilevskiy. Tickets at first one to it now, Toronto back out to the right point for 2nd 2nd hit by Palat Buck is loose thoroughly on it for Tampa Bay, and that across the cooch are off. Ooh! Trough drops it back to Victor Hedman off the right side for Cale circuit. Jeff sends in behind the Dallas goal and Dolphin will stop it there. Buck is cleared out. And then Dickinson, back on it for Dallas up the right side moved into the Lightning zone as the stars go for a change. Five minutes remaining in the period. McDonough up the left side, puck deflected along into the left of Khudobin. It is a Tampa Bay icing. And that goal. That Dallas scored by Corey Perry has kind of settled down Dallas again. I mean, they're kind of back in that defensive mode they've done, they've done a pretty good job. But What they're having a difficult time with. Kenny is getting any kind of match up to slow down that top line break points but absolutely fabulous in this game. Every time he's on the ice. Something is happening has got the.

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