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Good morning america here's tom anderson good morning it's rick miller considered for tom tom's actually out on the roads ease head into an important appointment at he's checking in with this view the roads right now to give us an update hey good morning tom how's that commute hey good morning rick well i'll tell you what i'm seeing is a lot of water i don't see i just went over the flaps and now i'm seeing in two about peters criteria and i'll tell ya it's you know it's got a ongoing sixty you're not going to be speeding in the anchorage it's not as bad as i suspect it'll expected but there is slow sediment on the ground it's not just wet and an asphalt so should be careful but it's not as bad as they thought that doesn't mean we want massive cars on the road because it is raining your windshield wipers fluid as others joe when jane others said we'll be of emptying by the time we get the anchorage if he keeps playing it but it's not horrible let's and blood and while you're going 60 so sounds pretty good yeah right now i'm going to about fifty three so it just depends on the traffic not bad to considering the time what time is too little a little opted aids and i mean there's no traffic in the anchorage i don't even have a car in front of me so leaders freak so it's not that congested yana schools rick look with schools on i'll hang up your with their closure that may be a reason to think soon also gb beer released a statement on facebook for their personnel to come in later and i think that's helping us well good well sounds good i'll be less than in the roads are wet and road to have a little bit of slush built caused by man i'm gone 55 right now and a 65 zone so not with speed in but it's completely congested whatsoever i think it's moderate drug sleep see you tomorrow thank you brother all right tom of the tom anderson show give us an update on the road he's a travelling into anchorage inn looked a little bit early so uh filling in for him right here i'm rick the producer its glad to i'm glad to be with you today by the.

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