Donald Trump, Supreme Court, Gavin Newsom discussed on L.A. Times Morning Briefing


Friday June nineteenth? I'm Mary. Regalado, and here's your local news from the Los. Angeles, Times. Today will be mostly sunny with a high around seventy six and a low tonight of sixty degrees. Our Top story yesterday. The Supreme Court rejected President Trump's plan to repeal Daca the Obama era order that protected so-called dreamers, which is a group comprised of approximately seven hundred thousand young immigrants who were brought to this country illegally as children while trump had been confident that the high court would rule in his favor. The court called the decision to cancel DACA or deferred action for childhood arrivals, arbitrary and not justified chief justice. John G Roberts junior also said trump's homeland security officials did not provide a valid reason for revoking the program. The decision is similar to last year's ruling. That blocked trump's plan to add a citizenship question to the twenty twenty census. In local news governor Gavin newsom ordered all Californians to wear face coverings while in public or high risk settings yesterday this includes when shopping taking public transit or seeking medical care. newsome's order comes a week after orange. County rescinded a requirement for residents to wear masks, even though face coverings have been shown to decrease the chances of spreading covid nineteen. In the meantime, the new administration has not addressed how the new requirement will be enforced, or if Californians who violate the order will be subject to citations or other penalties until now state public health officials had only recommended not required that Californians where face coverings. In business. News La County has given the green light for several more.

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