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And as always you're listening to the show live throughout north america on sirius to nineteen xm to one or you're tuned in to our free live streaming or the archived podcasts of the show. And of course you're doing that on our h. r. n. website at horse racing radio dot net. Well is going to be a fun hour. I know it is and even though. I'm speaking to this person on radio for the first time we've had a couple of brief phone conversations and her energy and her passion for the sport is palpable. And it doesn't take long to pick up on. And i think you'll agree once we get into the interview. Today's guest has saddled one hundred sixty three horses to date. Forty seven of those have found themselves standing in the winner's circle. That's nearly twenty nine percent for all of you who liked to hang your hat. Statistics and a further. Put that number in perspective for you. That's a higher win rate than todd. Pletcher chad brown bill. motte mark. Cassie and bob baffert and that goes along with eighty wins in the saddle during a seven year riding career to say that this lady knows a thing or two about winning races would be a pretty big understatement. So please join me in welcoming former jackie. now her. The native of woods woodley ontario brittany vandenberg to trainer talk presented by phasing tipton britney. Welcome mike i thought you were talking about somebody else there. When you're reading those debts. I didn't i didn't set the bar too high. Did i know. I know i know i'm like jeeze. Just hang up now. And i think we're good. You can send me the check later if you wanna hire a happy to come on board and represent you with those kind of statistics and numbers and look. I know we're not talking about great stakes wins at least not yet but brittany to start your career and do it in that fashion. Would it beginning. Well done thank you. I know you know It's been It's been crazy to say the least. It's happened so fast We definitely didn't expect this but like what you're saying. I even had a chance to really go over the stats yet Because we've just been kinda rolling things over one horse at a time one win at a time when you put it in perspective like that. It's it's been an amazing couple years. That's for sure your first win as a trainer. We're going to talk about your background. And how you got started in your family history and growing up terry. We'll talk about all of those types of things but your first win as a trainer came on june ninth of two thousand nineteen. That was at arlington park with a horse trap valley and i know that that had to be an extremely special day for you. That was amazing. Yeah whole day really actually was just a blur We love that horse. We had been working with him for maybe a few weeks at the time. Trying to get him Fit and ready and seeing if he would like the poly and everything else and And i remember Leading up carlos mark was and as you probably know chris amy's my fiance so He wasn't able to ride the horse at the time. So carlos just said. I'm going to do my best christie me impression. I said okay and he says.

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