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We'll get back into The pandemic switch being flipped. Yesterday. Coming up at eight o'clock this morning. Really odd and we'll get into all of it in the in the eight o'clock hour from the CDC to walls to the teachers union. What's up, will dive into it suspicious. Story out of Yahoo and I would encourage anybody who's on Twitter to go looking for these because they are hysterical, if not frightening to see the individuals attempting to go in hoard the gasoline, right, But a Georgia man decided to skip Long lines, forming outside gas stations in the wake of the colonial pipeline cyber attack and stopped by a line of park you halls instead. 25 year old drilled holes in the field tanks of multiple U haul trucks. He spilled 35 to 45 gallons of gas. Dozens of firefighters had to clean up the hazardous gas spill surveillance images show the suspect with the fuel can walking near what is thought to be his red truck. Residents use the images to help identify the suspect. Yeah, so it is a basically he was trying to decipher. Guess out of U hauls. He's drilling the hold. He spilled 35 to 45 gallons of it Think his plan through very Well, No, not at all. Even I learned the hard way about the siphon. You know, I I I've told this story before, but my dad we had we had been an above ground pool in the backyard. And so when you know, in the off season, my dad would trainer need to clean and you get a hose and he'd suck on it until the water started coming out. Would you would pour out of the street when I was very young at the time. I didn't know how this works. And so I needed to get gas from the edge Er to the mower And I had this about vamonos, baby two ft, maybe foot and a half long piece of tubing. And I was doing my dad Does Mother siphoned it from that? From from the ledger to the mower? It was basically just a big straw from the first thing that popped into my head was was the harmful words of faith, Fatal and swallow, So It was the first time in my life that I thought I was gonna die well could happen. Working out freaked out and it was like it wasn't enough to kill me. My brothers were walking around, though, asking me to burp with lighter in their hand the rest of the day, so unfortunately, never had to siphon gas. But I did it. I remember watching my dad siphon gas out of one vehicle to put in another during the gas shortages in the late seventies and the look on his face. Poor guy. I mean, you know, I just hate just look so bad, horrible and disgusted and everything. Unfortunately, I've never had to do that when we lived in or no. We had a big truck that we would use to take our big horse trailer toe, horse shows and people and we had an extra gas tank on the back of it. And there was somebody in your neighborhood that kept on repeatedly siphoning our gas, and this is like pre Three ring doorbell Pre, like, have being normal. Have security cameras. This is quite a while ago, but somebody just kept on siphoning or gas out of that gas tank. But we I don't think we've ever had a really siphon it. I've got my twin cities Cannabis CBD roll on firmly in my hand for this car he does don in Burnsville. What's going on Don reporting. Well, I was just thinking, you know the demand for gas. Been a serious down for the past year living. The gas companies put picture parts of death. So why not got the pipe right now? Creative crisis. And drive the price up about a buck down and turned the pipeline background. Is this Does this conspiracy theory? Don You think this was done on purpose? Something like that could happen. You know, it's God's called a conspiracy theory when you do that, Yeah. So you think you do? Do you believe that to be the case? Do you think this was done on purpose to artificially inflate the price of gas? No. Come on. Don't cop out. You're the one that called it in your theory. Do you think it's true or not? No, I don't know that this is true. But you know if it did happen if your conspiracy theories accurate, you know, the FBI has been involved with this so you would only stand to reason that they would be in cahoots, right? What's the first thing people do When there's a story in, they run out, store up and just accelerate done? You know there is that there is such a weird kind of. Thanks, Don. Uh, there's there's such a weird dynamic and gonna wipe out on this. But such a weird dynamic of Of like. Our detractors like like when, when, when? When we offer up speculation on something that could like lean in the conspiracy territories ago. It's up in arms freak out, but here you have just a fairly straightforward Explanation as to what happened right there were that were not even challenging right Colonial pipelines, some 5000 miles of pipeline or something like this some ridiculous amount right which which, if disrupted, would easily Cause this type of problem right? We know that there are ransom where attacks that happened all the time. They've admitted it, They said. There's a ransom was paid for it. This is why we have the shortage back east. It makes all the sense of the world so we're actually just straight up reporting and then one of our biggest detractors who has gotten honest for things that he thought were conspiracy. Because in with the strangest conspiracy, he e that I hadn't even heard yet attached to this. I got from just asking. Yeah, we did a lot of what if last year and still are doing a lot of what if Matt Chaka be go ahead, Matt? Yeah, but your gas siphoning You know, don't do it lets you trained professionally. I've been doing it actually all my life. I really think I've got about three gallons of gas in my belly and 50 times. Gross dude. Second of all, gasoline is a perfect remedy. Getting rid of poison ivy. My grandma told me, I swear to God really, just poured on where you got where you got the poison ivy on you. She would set me on her footsteps with you know those like firearms Funds, one with Margo's and a gallon of gasoline and have you rub it on place tonight? I just got all my childhood. I've never heard of that before. So listeners take mats. Advice at your own discretion, Tommy, go. Thanks bad but octane. Give theirs. It's gotta be ethanol. Don't use Lethal that won't work strong the poison ivy, you know, you still use the higher the stronger the poison ivy, The higher the Arctic. You know, I'm just skeptical. In a way it's Friday. Holy couch. We we end the pandemic, and suddenly we just get all these weird calls. Pandemic rub gasoline on your skin coming up audio, much of a Virginia mother who in like a minute. Takes down critical race theory will get into the story behind this equity specialist here in Minnesota at Elk River High School, who has gone so far as to defend looting and arson. Justice and Drew. I have a lot of respect for her ability to just spit out random nonsense and be 100% confident. It's not hard Swing Cities news Talk Am 11 31 Oh 3.5 FM. Hey, it's true here for my friends at the snoring and sleep apnea dental treatments and are so grateful.

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