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Recorded charitable donation in connection with nine eleven the check was for one hundred thousand dollars, but it was drawn on his foundation to which he had not contributed a penny of his own in years. But it was drawn on this foundation. So Trump gave nothing in fact, he gave less than an eighty year old widow who arrived at ground zero with a bag of ice saying it was all she had to give to first responders. But Donald Trump wasn't always insensitive on nine eleven anniversaries, though was his tweet on September. The eleventh two thousand thirteen quote, I would like to extend my best wishes to all even haters and losers on this special day September eleventh end quote. And then there was last year when Trump was discussing his first one hundred days in office. He just done an interview on CBS face the nation. So what does he say that the ratings for his appearance on face the nation, quote were the highest since the World Trade Center came down. End quote. Which brings us to Tuesday of this week, the seventy th anniversary of nine eleven how does Trump start the day before he flew to Shanksville PA and praise law enforcement, why by attacking law enforcement, of course, and get this. He wasn't live tweeting FOX he was DV Aren FOX to be specific Lou Dobbs show from the night before at four friggin AM. He tweets, quote, we have found nothing to show collusion between President Trump and Russia absolutely zero. But day, we get more documentation showing collusion between the FBI DOJ the Hillary campaign forms by Russians. Incredible end quote. And then he mentioned Sarah Carter, the blogger FOX tries to pass off as an investigative journalists. And of course, Lou Dobbs then a four nineteen AM. He repeated you're right wing propaganda. Hate media's latest conspiracy theory, quote, new struck page, text reveal media leaks strategy thugs news, so terrible. And nothing is being done a DOJ era. But the world is watching day get a complete me quote. And you know, how this is just another phony scandal. I'll let Peter Struck tell you himself again. There is however when extraordinarily important piece of evidence, supporting my integrity, the integrity, the FBI and our lack of bias in the summer of two thousand sixteen I was one of a handful of people who knew the details of Russian election interference, and it's possible connections with members of the Trump campaign. This information has the potential to derail and quite possibly defeat. Mr trump. The thought of expressing that or exposing that information never crossed my mind. But yeah, they had the secret deep state plot to leak and they never leaked that. The Trump campaign was under investigation for possibly colluding with a foreign adversary in order to subvert our election and democracy and help Trump win reality. It was a bureau wide program to prevent leaks which worked well that is unless your name was Hillary Clinton. And then four forty one AM he quotes Lou Dobbs again at four fifty ninety tweeted, quote, Rudy Guiliani did a great job as mayor of New York City during the period of September eleventh, his leadership bravery and skill must never be forgotten. Rudy is a true warrior end quote. And of course, this is payment for Guliani being willing to sacrifice, whatever integrity he may have had left and lie his ass off on TV regarding all the investigations Trump is currently under. But did you notice in that tweet not one word about the first responders not to mention the hundreds of friends he lost on seven eleven and then at five twenty four AM in the morning. He tweets a photo of White House staffers participating in a nine eleven service on the south lawn of the White House. Only problem is it was last year's photo. It included Omarosa, John Dowd hope picks and Tuykov. None of which you still there. Mr. so-called president. We should take a photo of the staff on the White House lawn to commemorate nine eleven screw it just use last year's who cares. And then typical sociopath with zero empathy that he is at five fifty eight AM. He tweeted this quote seventeen years since September the eleventh and quote, which he concluded with an exclamation. Mark. Exactly how he ended his tweet following John. Mccain's death weren't he didn't say anything about John McCain and said quote. With you. Mark. And now he does the same thing regarding nine eleven you know, because nothing conveys simple dignified reverence for such a tragic day as an exclamation, Mark. This guy has no clue how normal human beings. We act two things. He doesn't know how to behave like a human being. I can just see him sitting there. Ponder news. How do I make this tweet sound sincere and somber I know with the next question. Mark. So then he flies to Shanksville. And the only thought on his mind was how many people are going to show up to see me and when he arrives. And he sees the people who did show up he bites his bottom lip scrunches up a space, and does a double fist pump as he's showing up at one of his unhinged, deranged rallies and for all your brain that Trump bots who refused to recognize the complete inappropriateness of everything this orange slob did or tweeted on Tuesday. This was not an exclamation Mark day. This was not a double fist bump day. It should have been a day of solemnity veneration and deference Trump, the narcissistic sociopath was incapable of displaying any of these his only thought was look at how many people showed up to see me double fist bump. One of my tweets quoted this, quote, I can't believe he'd screw up memo. Memorializing nine eleven said nobody end quote. But the reality is because they don't possess any narcissistic sociopaths are incapable of mimicking appropriate emotions. This Trump Charlotte defiles, befouled, desecrates and stinks up every space and moment, he inhabits. It's like he's constantly wearing a full diaper on his head. Not surprising as he is both a crap smear and a cancer on the very soul of this once great nation, and yet some of you actually thought this empty shallow carrot colored. Sociopath would make a good president. What in the holy hell were you thinking? To find land eleven stories. I'd like to share I in years one. I'm guessing you haven't heard Trump's former and first campaign manager Corey Lewandowski actually did lose one of his best friends on nine eleven. His name was Brian Kenny and Kenny ended up marrying one Alison hardy, a gal both Kilian Lewandowski dated in high school. After nine eleven and Kennedy's death and dusky and Allison ended up marrying a story of shared loss becoming love and then Lewandowski proceeded to cheat on his nine eleven wife with Trump's former communications director hope picks. So we have a story of shared loss turning to love then turning to Trumpism cheating and light. It seems no one can escape the Trump stink. Once they're in his orbit. Second-story? I was in the DMV that day doing the written test for my CDL commercial driver's license after I finished I came outside. They had a television set on the counter. Everybody was huddled around. It. I got as close as I could learn what was going on. Then got in my car to drive home because I was working at K. Don, that's the station. I turned on true Hawkins was the host. And as I'm listening to his rightwing propaganda hate dribble. At one point. He said, quote, thank you liberals for everyone who died today at the World Trade Center end quote. And that was it. I lost it. I picked up my cell phone called my then boss at the station. Clarinet asked to boss, would you fire me if I came down there right now and punched through Hawkins the hell office chair. She asked me why I told her what he'd said she told me to hang on. She put me on hold. I turn the station back up only to hear Hawkins switch. Back to the AP news live feed cl- came back on the phone and told me she taking them off here. We talked a bit longer and at the end of our conversation. She told me, and no I wouldn't have fired you become down here in punched him office chair. But by then the moment at passed. So I continue on home started watching the aftermath on television. But I gotta tell you. You would have liked to have been the fly on the wall. The next time. I had the pleasure of running into true Hawkins at the station. With much attention on hurricane Florence this week. We also learned on Tuesday and Wednesday that at the start of the hurricane season team. Trump took ten million dollars from FEMA and gave it to is the agency at the forefront of Trump's zero tolerance policy that led to the separation of hundreds of children, some as young as eighteen months from their parents. We also learned they were at least considering slash trying to take thirty million dollars from the coast guard to give to ice. So after his nine eleven travesty, you could be forgiven for thinking Trump couldn't sink any lower this week. That's what I thought. And of course, you would be wrong. As was I firstly on September seven plas fighting Trump woke up in billings, Montana and eventually returned to Washington. He spoke to reporters aboard Air Force One. He held a pair of fundraisers and was interviewed by three local reporters in that one single day and in that one single day Trump told a hundred and twenty-five lies a new single day high the day before he lied seventy four times many in his campaign rally in Montana. Well, this soon NAMI of lies pushed Trump's total lie count past five thousand on the six hundred first day of a so-called presidency for an average of eight point three lies per day. However in the last nine days Trump is average thirty two lies per day. And just for the record. It was only back on January the tenth just eight months ago. The Trump surpassed the two thousand live threshold eight months later three thousand more lies, but don't you? Trump dare check the Washington posts searchable database of all his lies best. They just keep living in denial. We're willful ignorance is bliss. And then even by Donald Trump's non-existent standards. He managed to hit a new low in the last week of August. The death toll from hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico was raised from sixty four to two thousand nine hundred and seventy-five it took eleven months to restore full power to the island the island's population dropped eight percent because of the death toll and heavy out-migration after the hurricanes. Eighty three percent of those who stayed still report major damage to their homes. We then learn on Tuesday that of the two thousand Puerto Ricans who applied for funeral assistance after losing loved ones to hurricane Maria. Trump's FEMA approved just seventy five that means that like over ninety percent of those requests were either rejected or haven't even been decided upon almost one year after the hurricane. So how does Trump respond to all that delusional and dishonestly, of course, it's all he's capable of..

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