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Get a $49 furnace tuna Traffic and weather on the 8th Jack Taylor and the traffic center Seems to be getting more complicated as you leave Maryland at a Frederick two 70 going southbound the original crash had been before 85 that was along the right side I believe on the right shoulder beyond that there was another incident that cleared that was after the monocacy The third incident now just before 80 and urbana reported to be along the left side of the roadway has caused a bit of a slowdown now we've got a more equipment headed to the scene It's heavy after that down toward one O 9 but that's purely volume Beyond it headed down into Rockville and Bethesda you're fine headed toward the lane divide Still good to go between the beltways on 95 and the BW Parkway No early worries on four 95 between Bethesda and oxen hill inner or outer loop We are getting a little slower in the district We've got some heavy traffic now D.C. two 95 going southbound headed toward Burroughs avenue and east capitol street No big worries yet on I two 95 coming out of oxen cove increased volume in battle the souvenir Parkway riding toward for a Sterling up onto south capitol street Decentral on the beltway so far in Virginia between Alexandria and maclean couple issues on 66 both right around the beltway Westbound after four 95 there was a construction barrel along the right side of the roadway Now east on 66 after nutley as you approach four 95 word of a broken down vehicle along the right side of the roadway 95 a little more crowded now get north from Fredericksburg into Springfield you'll find a delay building Dale City headed toward woodbridge nothing north and here in good shape into Springfield headed north onto three 95 all the way up toward the 14th street bridge should find your travel ain't open Can't find the new car you're looking for try a Fitz way used car next to a new car if it's way cars best visit fit small dot com for reliable pre owned vehicles you can trust That's the Fitz way Jack Taylor WTP traffic And our forecast now let's check it out with Mike Stein afford We'll see a good deal cloud cover this morning as an Arctic front comes away It could be a few sprinkles of rain Later today partial clearing and breezy are highs in the mid.

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