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Good in Virginia to Gainesville east 95 no early worries out of Fredericksburg You could add a Springfield going north on three 95 so far headed up toward the 14th street bridge Jack Taylor TOP traffic Let's get the forecast with storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts A few light rain and snow showers will pass through the area So we continue through this morning and as advertised yesterday not going to mount too much Temperatures are going to be dumping out today in the 30s to low 40s We'll dry out this afternoon Lots of clouds around however today as well Overnight and then back in the low to mid 40s tomorrow partly sunny so we get into your Thursday tomorrow very similar to what we had yesterday And then Friday a little warmer temperatures are going to be in the mid 50s we'll have a gradual increase in clouds throughout the day Some showers possible late on Friday and we will see some rain on Saturday Saturday we're going to be heavy at times especially in the afternoon and evening Maybe a thunderstorm or two Saturday we're pushing to right around 70° So yeah could have some record warmth Again it's going to be a little on the windy side on Saturday with the south By the time we get into Sunday we're dry now temperatures will be in the 50s It'll still be a little on the windy side wind chills will be in the 30s and low 40s But again we could see some guests up and over 30 miles an hour on Sunday Keep that in mind If you're headed to the Dallas in Washington game 35 right now in Washington Barbara at 34 gate there's Bergen 33 And we have 34° here in friendship heights brought to you.

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