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To. In the title it was right, but medicine relying w even though he won the title at wrestlemainia thirty two Cuiaba venture would even though that's like when triple h triple h come on. Yeah, he'll put on this point including maybe the entertainment more on that later on. But yeah, so I guess everyone listening to this knows what happened knows what happened since summer slammer at summer slam, but Roman reigns one at summer slam. Yup. He against Brock listener. Finally filled the the beast before the match bronze room and comes out. And he says, I'm cashier when everybody we run the lever words. Yeah, by the way, four managers at summer zoom have the worst job in the world. Can we agree on that floor managers not for the, you know, the people who have to tell people to sit down. Oh yeah, because I, there's sometimes where they can't tell people to sit down. But then if somebody's sitting down standing up in the middle of the match than they have to be a, hey, get down get down. Yeah, it's this job and there's always the wind dude. We had the window. There's always the one dude who just has an ongoing issue with them. It's always like, oh, please tell that lady to sit down. Yeah, it's always a sleeveless t shirt guy. Yeah, no matter what it's like that lady's been standing up the entire time. Yeah, it sucks. We talked about that or I mean at wrestlemainia had the same thing where there was like a family of four behind me who were like, we spent forty thousand dollars for these seats. Can you please sit down first off? Don't spend that much money on wrestling unless you're Paul Manafort you know, like if you, if you don't spend an amount of money where that you will have your heartbroken if the person in front of you is standing up because they will stand general. Rule of thumb don't spend that amount of money. Yeah, don't spend money to get your heart broke, and that goes for gambling. That goes for a wet until me. Until me. Story about Michael Jordan. When he, I think when he bought the Bob cats or now the Hornets he served showing up at the country club like the the, the Charlotte area country club, and he walked into the poker room where all these like gin -til you know, like businessmen were chilling out playing cards or whatever, and he's on the black klansman eggs, Agra India, and he just sat down and and you know, said he wants to play, he wants to play for money or whatever. And the guy across the local hero champion was just like how much you wanna play for in Jordan. Just like that of inset, however, much makes you nervous, which is probably apocryphal, but it's perfect. That's eight a drone win now. I think the guy actually, but yeah, it's like you don't. You don't spend that kind of money. All of that is to say, we had wonderful seats on the floor that were, you know, somewhat of a wonderful on occasion by metro. Thank you bring me. Yeah. Who's being you and at ten? My my, my little nine year old and he, it was his first pay per view, and he loved. It. They had a great time. It was. It was a whole lot of fun, man. I mean, just it was it could. It couldn't have been better, but anyway, Browns Roman and comes out. Everybody goes, nuts. Brown says, I'm going to cash in his briefcase on whoever wins this match. And then he didn't get to do that because during the match Ville to the outside Brock listener said, you know, I'm just beat him up for the heck of it. Gave him the f. five hit him with the briefcase. Yeah, actually turn to you and said this. The moment before it happened. I was like, why is he bothering with the f. five? Why does he just hit him with the ring steps? Because it's not a decoy hit someone who's not in the match. Right. And then he did indeed get the briefcase and a chair and beat him up. And by the way like they should not let Brock listener throw that briefcase. That was the craziest thing I was like was done something like that before I've, we've had the same conversation to look it up. So he was destroying Seth Rollins as car, maybe. So there was another time where he threw something things of a car that if it, if it had gone an inch, the other way would have literally killed a person in the audience which is like, speaks to either how ethylene girl lucky Brock listeners. I think both anyway, he, he tossed the briefcase. Destroyed bra bronze, Stroman, and then got in the ring with the chair little self-satisfied and then he gets speared by Roman reigns. Now, there are a lot of moments this weekend. Little tiny moments that deserve that likes for whatever reason. I just wanted to stop Pau push pause on the whole weekend just, you know, like do say, I'm not worthy over and over again. Right? One of those was the super kick from Adam Cole to Ricky shea and it will you talked about in a little bit Samoa Joe's promoted AJ styles during the match the wild daughter AJ's daughter, saying daddy, you're bleeding unscripted was maybe it was the money, maybe that wasn't. But there are a lot of really small things. I want to hand out one of these like wrestling little things awards, which is a, there's got to be a better name for it than that, but we should make this recurring segment because there's all the little things that what matters if you have any good ideas for this little award that it's the world's tiniest award a we award. I wanted nominate Brock listener. Getting speak at speared by Roman reigns, hit the chair that he was holding. He flung as as he was getting hit, but it bounced off the rope and landed back on his face as he's getting pinned, which first of all had to hurt, even if it was like the latest version of a chair falling onto your face. And then Brock had the presence of mind to brush to remove the chair from his face so that the pin would look clean and it would. It was really well done. Just go watch Brock just be like, what does this on my face? Oh, this shouldn't be here and toss it off without looking like he was fully coherent or maybe knows what he's doing. And he's throwing a briefcase then. That was fantastic. So Roman reigns wins the biggest boob of the entire. I will say people were really into that match bronze. Romans presence helped a lot. There was not like people weren't just like shooting on Roman the whole time in, you know, in a way that they could have been, although they booed him when he came out quite quite a bit. But the biggest boo of the night was not Romans entrance. The biggest booth night was the when the show ending Chiron popped up on the Jumbotron and everybody realized that there wasn't going to be a cash because we're we're, we were sitting right, we didn't. We thought bronze. Roman was still lying on the floor like it didn't really occur to us that like the cash was called off. I thought the cash and it would just be with a weakened Braun strowman or something. Right. All right. We nobody and I'm sure a lot of people in the arena, the big I've completed before that it's hard to what are the. The only downside about going to a live show is you're not following along like you would at home. You don't know what story's announcers telling on and on and on the cashing in thing both on Sunday night and especially on Monday night was very confusing and thank God. I reward. Because like I, I let actually Monday and I left Barclays thinking Stroman had lost the briefcase. Sunday was very weird and surreal moment in Barklays at thought because people went ape shit. When Braun came in then people and I had me and me and Mike Lawrence has been on the show before had an argument about about this. Nice. I see his point where he's like, why wouldn't he make it a triple threat match? That's the kind of Chambi is I argued that look. I mean, my big argument was I had a cave thing, which was like, well, he'd be Kevin Owens. It's it's that you can look at it as a torn amount, but I think the the bigger thing is will what do you where do you go with? Stroman is a champion. I'm not sure we have that answer yet. So I don't think you put the title on him yet. And I say that as like more of a Booker, not as is not as a fan because as a fan, I want Braun strowman to win the title and I wanna leave a pay per view. You know, super happy, but as a Booker, I'm like, this doesn't really make sense yet for like what. You're, you're taking one of us intriguing storyline, elements that you could have a couple of months, especially when September and October historically, pretty dead months for WBZ, and you're kind of throwing it out the window. If you put the title on Stroman or you have them lose against Roman, you're thrown that out the window. So understand why they did it. And I think that I I in k fehb I can respect the fact that briefcase is actually got a contract in it and you see, you can't just go, I want the match. You have to present the briefcase. So I except Sunday, Monday, although that was the mo- it was probably the greatest ending of raw that we've seen in years that was way Morgan fusing because I was like, oh, we left like, you know, me and I went with Dan Soder and Sandra named her up. Yeah, I'm I'm big into that. Although my name drop references are only like, you know, people who are like like like a I, I've never like John legend. It's just a people who are a couple steps of. Me and my career, you know, other people who've done the George Lopez show. I haven't even done that. That's what makes them a. No, it was actually a great time, and thank you Dan for we're gonna have to tickets and she got big cheers out med bonfire all up, giving them all the plug jerk now. But at the end of the at the end of the show, you know, like we, we left the arena thinking, okay, Braun lost his cash in and and that's it. And that's the end of the story. And that's an interesting story to tell. And now we're kind of setting up a dusty Rhodes, the four horsemen but then realizing that he hadn't done the cash and I, I don't know. It was a couple of degree degrees. Cute. So you covered the rest of it. Roman wins the title and show up for raw, and then they, they basically said the same way as they ended the night before bronze. Now going to wrestle in Ballard and Beller deserves the shot. And bronze says, I'm gonna which a big cave. Abram of that which cage that seats. Pointed out. It's like, why wouldn't you wear the demon make up for universal title match that this thing is not a pay per view. All right. He's not that mad. He'll wear it later on. When the monster and the demon k. fehb I feel like that works even better. If you know the in k. fade that you are better with the makeup on you. Then you basically give yourself a second chance. So you don't even need to lose the title and have automatic rematch if you get like if you do like beeps thing, if you do a b plus without the makes all those have it was if you can do a b. plus with the makeup off, then go to Stephanie McMahon and just be like, hey, listen, I got really close. You know, if I put the makeup on, I'm going to do better. Yeah, I get. I get what you're saying anyway, but I but I agree with you so they have a great match. Are you one of the best match of Rome rains career, Roman and fan have great chemistry there. Really. They're very good, and and so they have a wonderful match. Romans beat up Stroman caches comes down the Stroman coming in basically spelled the end of the match. They Finn got a little bit of an upper hand, but as messed up the flow enough that Roman got the win Stroman comes into cash and then the shield music. It's. And they came out looking like the old shield. They didn't come through the crowd, but they were dressed like the OJ redress like the old shield and they had that like, I'm gonna take you out look rather than like, hey, haywar your three to see, we're your three top company is, and we're here to beat your ass. Yeah, it was more of like, this is a, we're here to now take over the WB. You know, it felt very n w. oh yes, it did. It felt it Phil. I mean, it felt like all this. It was despite the fact that we got a reunion of the shield last year despite the fact that we. Fantasy book to shield reunions every five seconds. Yeah, this was I read, this is what I wrote about today. This was the last big surprise that we might ever have in pro wrestling. I don't know now not bid, but that level man, I mean that on that you've got gotta get clicks on an article. I'm Dan. I don't think that was the headline. There is nothing. There's never. There's never. I mean when the shield debuted. We like ninety eight percent of the people at summer slam windows at twenty. Twelve. That's been a long time. Been a while had survivor series when the ninety five or nine to ninety, eight percent of the fans had no idea who any of them were. You had to go on YouTube and search the letters FCW to figure out who these our, I guess there was annex t there at the end, but. This was like, who the fuck are. These dudes who are running in destroying everything. There's never going to be anyone who shows up in. There's never going to be anyone that gets a push of that level who we Brock listener. No, who we've never seen before. There's never going to be, who is this monster that I've never heard of? I'm on. I, I don't know about that. I think that's what I think. I mean, they look they, they didn't put Brown Stroman annex t and I know he came in kind of with a whimper by joining like the Wyatt family which had been already reconstructed and pulled apart at that point. I think that the only time we would get it as if they got bronze Stroman popped up, they kept him off inex- t. TV shot under him into a title title match against, like if they did Kane versus the undertaker with Stroman and his, you know, in just some other big dude, sure that dude's not going to be good if that do. Great Khali with undertaker when he came out your holy shit, who is this guy him work? And you're like our for payoff why? I mean, I just think it was. It was so awesome when they came out there back together. I don't even know if their faces or heels. I don't know if it matters. I don't think it does. I think that now there's a really interesting dynamic and that you're going to be, you know, you know, kinda reminds me of nineteen Ninety-seven like before deacs became full heels in the Austin run when it was like heart foundation, verse DX, versus you know, taker versus Austin, and they're all these kind of rival factions. And I think when you see, you know how popular the bullet club is that's really the the. That's really the way to go nowadays, you know, like like go with factions, I agree. I think my biggest, I if I wanna make one point, that's not. As much of a heartache is that was the last surprise we'll ever have in pro wrestling.

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