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You. Have you know you you weird stuff like that. So yeah horrible All bugging shit is doing that. I'm I'm hoping that the Hans there. That'd be cool. It is going to be there. Yeah there definitely were checking out speaking electric's they Churston built that wheel up today. So it's already got listener while I put my headphones down now with lack lack of One cable to connect the motor controller. What are you doing trip it on cords and stuff over there steady? Now Take it easy on the equipment there. Yes sir. Yeah exactly better if he had if he had the headphones and microphone. Walked all the way over there. Gordon tiny headphones back up on him. He's he's like Mr noisemaker with the crummy crummy phone sound Alex Great. Yeah we're one cable short of avenue. I E bike built one cable. Thanks a lot. Well you think if it's funny they would include it and it is the ready to write kid after all right now. It's almost you're almost starting to ride. Will you bet squared away. Hopefully by next show. I hope it's only been a month and a half now. Yeah I'm excited. That's that's it's a beefy wheel. That's that's GonNa be really fun to you. Know we have come in. Who Sam Sam Sandy? No Sam Sam Wiki. wiki Wing McMahon. Oh He's like three hundred. Oh really oh yeah yeah. Yeah he'd be a great on the house not with like a thirteen.

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