UFC featherweight champ defends title in split decision


I Will Fight Island was officially christened tonight for the UFC in Abu. Dhabi there was no baptism to be had in the main event of UFC two fifty one. What's going on everybody? Welcome to the official. You have to fifty one post fight. Show here on, May, finding dot com I'm Mike Heck location this week from Boston Massachusetts visiting the parents this weekend. That is Jose Jose. Main Event Kamara, who's been retains a welterweight title against Whore Mazal. Challenger looked pretty darn good in that first round. I'm pretty surprised that judges gave in that first round, but it was the much fresher champion that was able to sort of chip away at the always game, or hey mazda throughout the fire Ab. Fresher champion but Komo. Zeman was basically been in camps since beginning of this year, despite was like Ben Booked and booked in both supposed to fight earlier this by giving burns, and also muzzle steps in, so yes, he's finally fresher because he he's had the full camp and everything but I think Kamara wasn't one hundred percent in that fight, either considering this long extended, Feick at Ala, similar to twenty Ferguson with all these these these fights falling apart, but Kamara who's been one nonetheless, might not have been the most exciting fight. I saw a couple of tweets complaining about the fight and I really take that. I felt it was a lot of fans that were on this very muzzle hype train. He's on the video game cover on this baptism round the resurrection Super Necessary Punches bef tile, and that they were expecting violence, even mice I myself said fight between WHO's minimize well probably has a higher chance of ending in a violent way, but it did not come out who's been one I had them winning all five rounds the first round I guess. Didn't really matter to me. Who won that? I still come who's been what at least four of the rounds comfortably? The people complain about. The foot stopped the wrestling the headbutts. That stuff will come out. Who's been did what he had to do to win. That's exactly why I thought he would. Take, her might as well because all the time Mazal taking this fight on short notice. Kamara also took this fire. On short notice gets an extra a completely different fighter between Gilbert Burns as well. It's completely rechange leftist camp Had his new trevor wittman is corn for the first time fighting the guy all this bad blood is in the air all the pressures on him, and perform a like we ourselves, said all the pressures on who's Madonna not not a whole lot on Mazal, but at the end of the day. Who's been doing what he had to do? I didn't have a problem with the way fought. Might not have been the most exciting, but if I was going to pick up, predict away whose men would pull this off. This is exactly how I thought he would do it. Yeah, when you get a fight like this and you have a guy as hot as MAS. Bat brings in a lot of the casual fan base. Does your watch? As many events as we watch, and some of the hardcore fans watch everything so most people expected this fight to go exactly that way I thought the first row was going to be the most interesting round, obviously, because of Mazda was going to get it done. He's probably going to have to do it in the first five minutes, and this is the fire. We got like Mara. Who's been defends his title. For the second time. It was another classic who's been like performance and he gets a one-sided win and highly anticipated main event so in the end. We like to talk about the overall letter grade, but it felt like just kind of looking at the time slot when we're all said and done. We're getting ready to hit record here. We're just like man this is this is super late like I feel like the card and the whole night in a weird way. Wet Kinda slow did it not. started off really really quickly. Might just. Like I feel like the first few flew by and all of a sudden I had been watching fights for two and a half three hours and I'm like wow, this fight is cars going quickly I like this pace, and then we the main card and Amanda he boss comes in, and just submits patriots immediately i. wish went exactly as I expected, but then there was decision with Rosen on drugs, and then even Yawn Aldo finish, but it was in the fifth round, so there's still basically fought for twenty five minutes, and then we get twenty five minutes, Vulcanology Holloway and then we get twenty five minutes of in Mazda, also of these we've seen. We saw that graphic on the screen like. All the cards are three title fights, and like we used to fourteen had like Woodley Maya in Jones, a cormet and Cyborg Abinger, and then to seventeen to five those had some bangers like like two to seventeen had three epic fights three like violent, like just three of the craziest finishes you'll see. And then, of course to a five, the CONOR McGregor show, and then to seventeen had the DC Jones trilogy, so I think we're a little maybe. We'll. We'll spoiled on these three. These three title fight cars while we're expecting something like that and I loved all all great fights off spectacular fights, but I think a lot of fans are tuning in to see fight island. In the Mazar strain, all these title-fights might have been. A limited. I could see why they might have been little disappointed. I didn't have a problem with it, but probably was the night Dana White wanted in terms of finishes. Yeah, the main event may have disappointed some people but for. The Sake, this is like the best thing that could have happened for the welterweight division like if you're burns. Edwards these guys are pretty happy right now. Especially Gilbert Burns. One hundred percent I mean we. We set it on count after it was on what the heck or or post eyesore produce. All kind of blend together at this point in the summer, but we. We said if Moslem Dole wins. That's going to be a problem for the US's pockets the welterweight division I mean. We were talking about him fighting the bringing the both belts so that the Conor McGregor. The table and all this. Kamara who's been one and it's? It's a no brainer that Gobert burn gets three matches. Suppose he should've been fighting tonight. before covid nineteen October, nineteen. That's applaud the car, so yeah, for all the way division, and the the the martial art fans of the world that don't like quote unquote. Holding divisions I think that's a good thing, but I. Honestly I love chaos at Moscow had one I. Think I, think it would have been fun time in the world of May. And Mazda all. Let's be clear. We all know this. He was the a side heading into this fight. He's the reason. There was a lot of buzz and a lot of fanfare when you had a guy like game bread in the street that he's on. That's what happens, but a lot of people wanNA know where he goes from here. Because despite losing the fight tonight, he still has a ton of options moving forward. Chaos can still rain in some way Jose. Can you say that again? You cut off quick second. Chaos can rain. For horny Mas at all got about it because he's got so many options moving forward despite the loss tonight. Yeah, I mean Hoy Mazdas. All I'm Kamara. WHO's been himself set like he's GonNa. He's like. He's like he's GonNa. Lose all these like excuses. Bill didn't talk the finance days notice flu costs. The country doesn't have was coach in the gym, covert nineteen this and that so like I. Don't think I of course I think Mazda obviously cooled anytime. You lose. You cool a little bit Conor McGregor and Nadir's, and it's such an insane finish that they run it back, and you have another epic fight like that, but for Mazda all you're obviously going to a little bit but he himself said. Let me, get a couple of wins and they'll run back. I'm sure he want. He would love to five full camp but the Colby College. Is there I? Think that is going to drum up a whole lot of interest I. think people might even be more interested in that fight in the dynamic between those two fires, oarsmen and I think that Kobe Covington already Moslems? Fight does not need a title online. That's just two guys. They hate each other I wanNA break brick on each other's faces. WHO'S MCCANN? Fight Gillard. Leeann, Edwards of course out there, wonder boy thompsons, working his way up Santana, positive I think has covered to so he somewhere out there, so the welterweight division will move, but for now Mazda all. Of course cooled, but he's still I think still the hottest commodity hundred seventy pounds.

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