Two Texas police officers shot and killed while responding to assault report


In the line of duty. This is the 10 o'clock report. I'm Matt Reese. Breaking now. Another example of just how dangerous and deadly the job of a cop can be Our officers Draw their weapons. Did not. Fire never stood a chance never had a chance to didn't then suspected reasons. The border town of McAllen, Texas, morning tonight, the deaths of two police officers. Never had a chance, As the police chief said, to defend themselves on an attack. To tell you about that, in that sense is that Of the officer never never had a chance. To suspect Deadly assault on them much less. McAllen, Texas police chief Victor Rodriguez officers metal Myrow Garza and Ismail Chavez were killed when responding to a domestic violence complaint today. In In an an an additional additional additional additional officers officers officers officers arrived, arrived, arrived, arrived, they they they they ordered ordered ordered ordered the the the the 23 23 23 23 year year year year old old old old suspect suspect suspect suspect of of of of put put put put down down down down his his his his gun. gun. gun. gun. But But But But instead instead instead instead that that that that suspect suspect suspect suspect used used used used the the the the gun gun gun gun to to to to kill kill kill kill himself. himself. himself. himself. Now the latest

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