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Like what it feels. Like the be african american in america because they don't really understand the rich history but also is kind of is being kind of plagued with so much harsh. If so a lot of time people tell us to get over stuff but is hard to not to get over something like when you can't find your last name like that's a big issue like not being able to trace your origin in the world has to meet us a big issue and just to think about out row. Look at something like putting a muslim. Somebody like you look at something like that like. It's just so much stuff that has happened over this time and just is a costume. Variables that things that keep perpetuate the hate behind just being the color of your skin. Or whatever and i just feel like this is hard to voiced some times. What are people feel like. Oh there they go again with the same old story that opportunity not take advantage of the opportunities. It seems like there's always somewhere. You always be suppressed or preston some type of way as sometimes when you grow up and you go through the is hard to keep your dignity and unless you have a pair of this around you really put that into you put that seed into your soul james baldwin said then there's no is no way of really defeating because every time you turn on the tv you see your people look diminished and for me as a parent is very difficult for us. Sometimes but at the same time we potentially fight to keep pushing is never indian too because it's also kids but then there's also yourself too because you also dealing with the image of who you are as an individual you being a woman of color me being a man of color is always something that it's been times where people come to our house fix something and people will ask pele. She working their business. My house they'll say. Can i speak to the owner. And i'm like you're looking in her. What you on this day. It happened to me today. Rob but you know you said something earlier that i just thought about you know you know there they go again. Daddy go again you know. Is this thing that you know. They can't believe what we tell them. That's happened about what has happened to us. In what is happening to us because to believe us is to confront who they are honestly and you see that this is important because the illusion that the illusion of innocence is at the heart of the lie together. So america. And i've said this before my work america is like pita pans never never land. Not the one that michael jackson here now not similar things but but but the point is never never land is the place where lost boys don't have to be responsible for nothing. You can put a bullet in general of iran. And say don't don't do nothing. Just did a review of this book called. The wilmington's lives massacre in wilmington. North carolina in eighteen. Ninety eight man were literally white supremacists at gunpoint took overload. Local government ran black. People in their homes into the swamp killed over sixty people. At least that's what they reported right just literally with the idea that black people were overrunning government that they were negro domination threatened. white supremacist. Right this is not like it was in the seventeen hundreds. We talk about tulsa. We can talk about elaine arkansas. Whenever white america feels as if it's threatened we've experienced the brunt of the violence and then when we tell that story daddy go again. Daddy go again. No no no no no all of this has to do with the need to preserve a kind of innocent so they don't have to be responsible for the lives.

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