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That was the intro to the message. Okay john twenty one verse. One later jesus appeared again to the disciples beside the sea of galilee. This is how it happened. Several of the disciples were there. Simon peter thomas nicknamed the twin nathaniel from kenya in galilee. The sons of zebedee. The two other disciples and simon peter who was clearly the leader of the gang said. I'm going fishing. We'll come to. They said and they went out onto the boat and they can't nothing all night at don. Jesus was standing on the beach but the disciples couldn't see who he was. He called our boys. Do you have any fish. no they replied any said. Why don't you throw out your net on the right side of the boat and you'll get some and they did and they couldn't hall in the net because there were so many fish in it will stop there. I love this. Have you ever felt like you wanna just put a gone fishing. Sign up disconnect. That's how these guys felt. They didn't know what to do. They didn't know what this next step was. And they went out fishing and they caught nothing kind of picture of their lives really a picture of our life but when we leave jesus out of the equation. Things don't go well do they. You know maybe you'll have that successor. Maybe you'll have a failure but whatever it is you have when you have it without god. You really have nothing. Life goes so much better when we listen to him and most importantly do what he tells us to do. I heard the story of a lady that was at the airport and she was waiting for her flight and she went to one of those little cookie. Stores bought a bag of cookies so she had a few minutes. She sat down with big sort of community table There were other people sitting there including a man across from. She sat down Pull out a right. Pad was going to chuck up on her social media and she's doing so she reaches into her bag to get her first cookie and much to her shock. There's a man's hand in her bag and he's reaching for a cookie to she looks at them. Like what are you doing. He takes a cookie out. Needs that without any embarrassment. She takes her cookie needs. Who is this guy. So she reaches infra second cookie he reaches into them for third he reaches emperor third. This happened so they get to the bottom of the bag. And there's one cookie left and he gets it first. He smiles breaks it in half and gives her half she. Snatches it eats. it walks away of. How dare that man eat my goodies right in front of me. Who did he think he. Who does he think he is so she gets her seat. In the plane she sits down and reaches. Indoor person finds her bag.

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