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Now. But Christians celebrate Easter outside the burned out shell of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. CBS is Elaine Cobb is there there were motion scenes as tourists lined up for the replacement eastern mass following the fire at nuts with them. It's just so sad. Even seeing it like, they're, you know, she's very upsetting. It's really sad that we can go to to them because every time I compare his visiting. But there is good news. France's culture minister says the cathedral structure has been almost completely stabilized lane cove CBS news pass eight oh five at Boston's NewsRadio. Did you hear the one about a comedian becoming president? This is no joke, though, voters in Ukraine have made fantasy reality with the election of sitcom star Vladimir Zilenski this is a landslide victory over incumbent. President petro Poro shaneco Zilenski has no political experience zero but starred in a TV show as a teacher who became an accidental president more than a dozen travelers recovering this morning after getting sick on a flight to Boston all of the victims apparent food poisoning victims, the students and chaperons were part of a larger group that left Ecuador and we're traveling back home on an American Airlines flight connecting from Miami. These victims taken from Logan airport to Mass General for treatment. All of them expected to make a full recovery. Today the world celebrates the planet. It's Earth Day during times of increasing talk of climate change, ABC's, Mark Remillard explains. This year's focus is all about the animals so twenty-second has marked Earth Day since the nineteen seventies aimed at raising awareness about the effect. We have on our environment birthday dot org says one hundred ninety two countries now Mark the day, and it's the largest civic focus day.

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