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Eight in all twenty eight samples of products made with conventionally grown ups noting all but two of the twenty eight samples tested. They had levels of glide faucet above the benchmark of one hundred sixty parts per billion. I don't want any event in there. But I guess it's going to be in there. So apparently Quaker oatmeal squares breakfast cereal had the highest level the urbicide. So they advocacy group said it was nearly eighteen times higher than their quote children's health benchmark. Now. Quaker instant oatmeal, apples and cinnamon had it Quakers breakfast square soft baked bars peanut butter variety of Cheerios flavors like chocolate, apple and cinnamon and very berry among others. They say they were within. Acceptable limits. So those are the ones where it wasn't off the chart. These are the ones where Quaker instant oatmeal, apple curios, whatever they had acceptable limits now WG they say, but just because something is legal doesn't mean it's safe. And that's the key. What is an acceptable? Limit of glide Fossey's federal government standards for pesticides in food are often outdated. They claim and not based on the vegetables career science, the EPA standards for pesticides, another chemicals are also heavily influenced by lobbying from industry. So the findings come after the WTO announced in August that found trace amounts of the ingredient in all the two of the forty five samples of products made with conventionally grown, oats. Some of the included Quaker old-fashioned, oats and popular breakfast cereals, made by general mills like Cheerios and lucky charms. I love lucky charms. Why are we liked the marshmallows elected charms? So the World Health Organization two thousand fifteen report so the herbicides glossy around but along with insecticides malathion and diet Zayn on our quote, probably carcinogenic to humans. So what would you get that report? Well, it's probably carcinogenic to humans where the hell are people getting that? Well, we're they're getting man is if they have in a lab setting or with an animal been able to cause a cell to change they're gonna say, well, there could be carcinogenicity to humans there to be some carcinogenic component. And that's where you get probably was carcinogenic humans. It would say it's a known human carcinogen. But if they have a really been able to test it on humans, so they tested on rats. Or mice or in a lab setting. They'll say probably carcinogenic to humans. They said there was limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans for non Hodgkin, lymphoma and prostate cancer. Now, limited evidence means researchers have determined that. There is a quote positive association between exposure to this guy, faucet and cancer. But other explanations for the cannot be ruled out. So remember yesterday, we talked about that case where blood pressure medication very common blood pressure. Medications may be linked to lung cancer. And that freaked a lot of people out and the story circulated. It's all over the news and ace inhibitors with the blood pressure medication that we're talking about an ace inhibitors are very common cap, the parole ram, apparel, real notice, Zestril, bonanza Pearl. These are any medicine the ill is an ace inhibitor, and he's ace inhibitors one of the most popular type of blood pressure medications because they're cheap because they work. So here's a study sane use of the popular blood pressure. Medication could put you at risk for lung cancer. Maybe it can we also have to take into account is one lung cancer is the most popular cancer. It's the most common cancer people. Get number two people who have high blood pressure. That's one of the most common medical issues. Afflicted people over one hundred billion people in the US if I blood pressure and the number three the most common medication used is the ace inhibitor. So when you have all these highly common. Hi, lee. Shall we say? I don't wanna use the word coincidence. But. You know, those the most common cancer this most common condition. That's the most common medication and whoa. Look. There's association between the medication cancer you have to go. Wait, a second is it because it's such a common medication. So that's that's the problem. We kind of have where you have somebody that let's say a lot of cereal. Well, a personal eats a lot as breakfast cereal may not be eating an egg white for Totta or having a rice cake, and some, you know, I don't know oats. I don't know some I wanna say oatmeal. But, you know, somebody having a high fiber breakfast, and a real healthy breakfast isn't usually the plan per person these crapload of breakfast cereal. So if somebody breakfast cereal has higher cancer is it the breakfast cereal. Or is it maybe because they just do a lot of things wrong. Two thousand seventeen the California office of environmental health hazard assessment announce that glide faucet would be added to the list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer. So I remember California's law where if anything causes cancer could put somebody a risk they need to. They need to. Make a note to the public. But health professionals like calm down. It's okay. We need to research this more. I want everybody calm with this because we are exposed to chemicals and pesticides all the time. So freaking out about breakfast cereal is kind of a waste to energy because we're exposed all the time. Should we slowly started to decrease our exposure? Absolutely. Let's start getting rid of a lot of the plastic. Let's maybe stop stop loading up on perfume and makeup. And cologne. And deal in our fancy deodorants. Now, I love being around someone who smells, but I is a really healthy that we get out of a shower and using perfume, soap and then load ourselves up with chemicals before we exit the house. Then we breathe in a whole bunch of chemicals in our car. And then we have an air freshener in our car. And then we drink water out of our plastic water bottle, heat something up in the microwave or grab a breakfast sandwich. Or drink coffee. That's in a coffee Cup that's lined with that shiny stuff. And may have BPA in it. We are always exposed. Maybe we'll grab a banana and that bananas full pesticides. So yeah, we wanna make sure that whatever we are buying doesn't have extra stuff, but the environmental working group, which is one of my favorite consumer groups because they really do a lot. They are also kind of noisy in that. Well, this has this has this and my answer to them was will die. But on the flip side is kind of nice that they're making all of us, you know, aware so my recommendation to you was just trying to go fresh wash things off I like organic. But I think organic is too expensive to recommend at this time and to take everything with the greatest all to realize that we live in a society where we are constantly being bombarded. Constantly Viva by stuff. So. One eight seven seven one eight seven seven zero CD now when we come back. We're being told that there are not enough fruits and vegetables grown to feed the planet now for those of us that don't vegetables like, no biggie. But for some of us that are like, wait a second. I just listened to die. I'm going to start eating healthy. This is the bad.

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