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Here is mark in Roseville on the patriot hi mark go ahead John your doctor to determine I'm gonna say something is going to be incredibly controversial I don't think it's in the basement and server talked about on the radio I'll bet dollars to donuts about anybody hunter owners at a discount makes bail but it doesn't go to trial that somehow suicide comes into play what do you think I'm thinking hello so it's not a thought that crossed my mind I'm not I don't think it's because a lot of people's minds but I got a feeling that if that happens expel that somehow he's not going to trial if you are not saying the other guys are just below the shoulder guy he's not gonna he's not going to trial if he gets out of out of out of jail somehow regarding the issue in all the the nonprofit late wait wait wait hold give me one reason why not because really what topping jail and what he did no I don't think there could be consequences you know what I figure is going to make a complaint seriously about there on their own possibly putting a bonus track yeah I know that's you know should be saying things like that but I got a feeling better now that he's not going to trial that's pretty much it is going to come into play I'm not saying that yeah but it differs with the application up here was murdered he's going to do it himself not courageous in regarding about the history of the canal collapsed you know we've always said in this country your money this concerns always talk about that the sharia law if these guys get their way sharia laws coming well this is what's coming Minnesota's got a lot of Muslims and if they get their way they will get sharia law well mark I'm in sorry what you're making that connection I appreciate the call sorry you're making that connection you got a time to get to you the connection out there and the idea out there I don't think that you have anything to do with each other now I can be corrected if I'm wrong but that date in my short time that I had to think about it I'm John I'm trying to piece it together and and get a connection not get more I don't think that has anything to do with sharia or Islam or anything else I just it doesn't seem to me that that connection is there maybe I'm missing something that's blatantly obvious I don't think I am and we're gonna leave it there thank you very much for the call I appreciated here's Mike in Detroit on the patriot I might go ahead Mike I'm sorry you're gonna have to do something with your phone you're having problems with it again today I appreciate your trying and I appreciate your taciti but can't get do it today try again on the other line is all I can say here is Dan and worn on the patriot hi Dan go ahead John how are you today I'm well thank you okay are you may or may not remember me but the last thing that you told me was to find another hobby than poetry do you remember the palm you let me I read on the air no but I don't want to so that there's a reason for that I thank all K. all right then well I was just going to say that if you don't vote for Joe you can't grow for that's all yeah I I wish you the cap that as as I asked you to do and now I have to punish you and I don't know exactly what I'm going to do to do that but you know keep your day job then yeah you you need it and and we all do specially in these booming times that are coming eight hundred ninety three ninety three eighty five years John and Taylor on the page hi John go ahead yeah John off I don't know if you heard all of which often stick balance is going to be what are I guess the cops are taught that if you can talk your breathing it was the price is going to be that George kept talking so he felt he didn't have to look at all problem and that's going to be there to try to that's not all got to him like a god to prince one are in the works wait wait wait wait wait where are you going with this you started with and we're up to Fenton all with prince yes one more kill plants and all their defense is going to three destructive situation told Wall and he was talking sure sure sure he was breathing at least once John I am I do appreciate the phone call I appreciate the interest that you have in current events but really now if there's thirty thousand of you in the current audience that consider Johns outlook on things to be semi correct please give me a call to slap me that I don't think that's the case and I I really don't know where some of the stuff comes from I really don't and I can't find anything to put it together with Germany's point you're next on the patriots go head hi John one thing I always have a problem with with all these video does different crime scene if you don't see beginning all the way to the M. are you see is the way to the that is so I'm up against the wall and talk and the next thing you see on down on the ground with the cap on top of what happened in between there what happened not just broke out of the ground just for the fun of it yeah I don't think I I don't think so either Jim I I think there's a a big gap in there and I think there's a big gap in many of these tapes and when you have somebody that's got a chest camera on for example they're only going to pick up about two thirds of what goes on and not that that isn't enough in some cases but these people are not some cinematographers that's not what they're attempting to beat but we're not gonna go into the fact on this program anyway that this guy was murdered by whacked out police officer I I can't from what I've seen from the things that I've read about the guy about his the unit if you will about his proposals but his career I I don't think coming up with there is at this point coming up with ideas good to try to pin on this guy I think it's doing any good whatsoever the guys split the law enforcement system in this country wide open and in doing so well maybe he did the country a service and I don't mean in the death of Mister Floyd by any stretch of the imagination don't try to try to stretch my conversation in that direction that's not what I mean but he split a law enforcement system wide open because what has been said by many police officers since I've been on the air I was proven in I mean that there's no way to argue with what happened to that guy there's no way to argue with it I I don't think maybe maybe you can maybe you could think of something I can't to me it just isn't there now now it's just isn't there he I didn't do anything that warranted the treatment that he got he had did he do something that warranted abolishing police Hey police officers in our country no our country does not deserve to be a country without the police force our police force and the integrity of our police force is one of the things that divides us from the other countries in the world my opinion you may have a different one and that's fine you're welcome to bring it but I don't think that's the case thanks for the call eight hundred nine two three ninety three eighty five that's eight hundred nine two three W. D. G. K. short break and then we'll be back with more of your calls here on FM one oh one point five AM fourteen hundred.

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