What Really Causes Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Todd LePine


Welcome to the Doctors Pharmacy. I'm Dr, Mark Hyman and that's pharmacy with an F. F. A. Place for conversations that matter, and if you suffer from on autoimmune disease, if you've had Lupus, this conversation is going to matter to you if you know anybody who has got these problems because they affect eighty million Americans one type, or another, which is more people than have heart, disease, cancer and diabetes combined. So it's a big problem and has very poor answers with traditional medicine, we have today with US my colleague at the Ultra Wellness Center Dr Toddler was an incredible physician. He's one of the leaders in functional medicine. Teach all over the world and from Dartmouth Medical School. He's been working with me for now twenty five years together and you've been on this road. He looks the same as the day Madame I. Don't know how he does it one gray hair on his head. And and he is going to talk today about a patient, his with Lupus who had autoimmune disease that is. A very common problem with very bad outcomes, it can lead to brain issues. Kidney failure lung issues joining shoes. It's a really horrible problem, so tell us what is the? Lubis and what is the traditional approach in medicine to to this problem or is? The lupus actually comes from the Latin word meaning Wolf. And typically people with classic lupus have We'll get a facial rash. Oh, it's called the male Arash. It's like a butterfly rash and. Over time, they can actually. They say that you built like Wolf like. Appearance. Cheeks get all ran. Exactly and that's due to photo sensitivity, and so lupus is one of those conditions which we see a lot. Interestingly, it's about nine times more prevalent in women, so that raises the question. What's the difference between women and men? And why are women still trying to figure that out? I, actually I actually think I have A. I have an insight into that. It's really quite interesting. Women are different. Right right, and then the other thing that is also interesting. Is that we traditionally treat it with medications like steroids methotrexate PLA- Quinnell those kinds of things we're telling me I'll have their significant side effects. And in my opinion, one of the powerful immune suppressing drugs, and they even use biological agents logic, which really shut off your immune system and they they can work, but they're often fraught with danger, including the risk of cancer and overwhelming infection. If you get about infection so right, they're not. They're they're very expensive up to fifty grand a year per yeah per person. And then also you know one of the things I always used to. A was intriguing to me when I was. Doing my training was drug induced lupus because we were taught that lupus immune condition, but there is a condition called drug induced. Lupus raised my question. What's what? How is a drug causing lupus and what we see is that in one of the? Major drugs was an older drug called Pro Amman. Remember using that. Yeah, it was an anti arrhythmic and in certain patients who got pro canidae develop. Lupus looks just like you know what we call Lupus. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. And that always fascinated me that a drug would be triggering this and when I actually went down that sorta rabbit hole, we find out. Is that it? Can actually damage DNA. and. It's probably theorized that that some types of things like drugs or stealth. Infections like viruses. May trigger a the body and caused some damage in DNA and when we test for Lupus I mean some of the tests that are are double, stranded DNA antibody with traditional blood tests. Look at one of the autoimmune antibodies, and it's interesting because there's a whole bunch of different markers that are are used in the diagnosis, autoimmune conditions you autoimmune panels like tradition. One is an A. A the anti-nuclear antigen typically in patients who have lupus that's positive, and then you can look for other other biomarkers like double stranded DNA and such a million. It can be positive and many many people, even if they don't have Lupus, and there's this whole phenomena pre autoimmune disease where you starting to have these autoimmune antibodies, but you don't really have a lot of symptoms yet right by. Betes priore immunities exactly and I.

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