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Sorry about that. He's titan in the car. They all four. On the car in may have felt the vibration wheel been looser something running time. Have that problem? I think before this. Rusty Wallace have been posted back in about eight position as he makes that pitstop goes back onto the racetrack one hundred and seventy two laps or on the board. I tell you the driver would probably need to keep our on. We say this almost every time we come to you. And that will be Bill Elliott. He doesn't ever really force the issue in the early going. I can't think of how many times over the last three or four years. We watched income to this racetrack and just ride along the lead lap. Keep the leaders within a half a straightaway. Then in that final round of pitstops, or whatever all of a sudden Elliott is right up. There navy playing a waiting game here today. Although the white Kyle petty is getting around this racetrack. If nothing changes on that car. Nobody can play a waiting game because he's going to be long Johns across the stripe heading back toward turn one and has right now almost two-thirds straightaway on island Wicky been watching Bill. Elliott's progress all year and a lot of folks say well bills just not have the kind of year he's used to with only one victory in that coming just a short while ago. There are a lot of fellowship. Love loved to have the kind of year that Bill Elliott has going right now. Other than the boy, go back and change of you, the ROY pageant flat power or something like that. We'd being good show. But there's not the new right now. Bill Elliott showing third spot in the points at thirty five hundred forty one to six points ahead of fourth place. Geoff Bodine against the fact that Bill has but one victory. This year is given the connotation of bad season. But they happen consistently all year had a bad year. At all. It's just the fact that most of the fans are so used to Bill Elliott winning you know, almost every other fourth and fifth race. And when you finish second or third or whatever they figure you're having a bad year. But that's not the case for Bill Elliott long with several other drivers in that same category. One hundred seventy six laps on the scoreboard. Kyle petty continues to just eat around this racetrack. And Joe or watching him come through one or two. He doesn't seem to be having any Hanley problems at all. I tell you what he's grown up a little bit too in this respect, we talk about that the other day. You don't see Kyle with that car a place where it doesn't need to be. If he runs. On traffic, and there's plenty of room to get by he'll make the move to the side or inside. But there isn't it doesn't take those chances. Like he wants to talk about a lot of different drivers using erratic lines here today Borgen's keffer, we call attention to ticket real high lines dare Walcott some of the drivers click mild from the very start as head his card nailed white down at the bottom of the racetrack. He's not working back and forth with the steering wheel. When it comes through here. He sips the car. One time just ride so smoothly off turn.

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