Ford employees ask the company to stop making police cars


Motor Company is out with a Ah, process that they're going through about 100 employees have gone public with their request to the automaker to stop selling police vehicles because Police are brutal and they're racist. Ford executives are weighing the request and have not yet made an announcement. But there's a lot of pressure on social media for Ford to tell police departments they will no longer sell. The vehicles to them. So what is Toyota get vehicles them selling, you know, picking up the slack market share because right now serious, San Diego has Toyota four runners the SUVs. So I mean, thie employees air urging the cut that their boss the company do not make and sell. Ah police units. Ah, police cruisers to city so that Some other. There's still gonna be police cars. Why would you not want to get your fair share of that market place? If your employees of Ford apparently, these people don't want their jobs, I mean, I would put them on the top of the list of fire. All right, somebody safe and your name to the layoff list If we lose the contract, you know, with the Tuscaloosa, Alabama Police Department that you're the 1st 1 to relinquish your well, why don't you just quit forward then? I mean, why? Why? Why does four have to stop making the product? That's what they're in the business of doing is making automobiles. Yeah. Bia Social Justice warrior full time. You don't need to work out. Ford, you know, support is not consistent with your values. So be a social justice warrior. Put your money where your mouth is and quit your job, mate. This This is absurd. I've decided. I don't like it. Don't don't want to give Ah police Cruiser to Ah! Ah, car to the police. But does that mean that you also are going to use 901? I'd love to get the name of the 100 people and block their ability from their cell phone to dial 911 is apparently where they don't need no police and there's their community. They don't need cars. They don't need police. So no. 911 for you. I mean, this is where you start pointing out the Um, the bankruptcy of some of these folks in terms of what they're saying, their advocate and and the absolute absolute juvenile nature of these causes. I mean, this is child's play, right? I mean, this's not thoughtful. This isn't academic. This isn't deep. This isn't even You know, argumentative. I mean, this is this is just this is foolishness. This is this is child's play. The head of Ford has sent a letter to employees and it it reads in part, quote as we meet weekly in our global team huddles. Invariably there are questions that don't get answered, given the short time we have together. Or simply would be better addressed off line. On it goes on to talk about. Ah Ah, you know the fact that quote Bill Ford, and I believe deeply that there is no room for systemic repression and racism that have been exhibited by law enforcement encounters gone wrong. Um Your your product had nothing to do with it. Why are you taking ownership of part of the problem? You made the car. You didn't make the police officer or even the police officer's equipment or the rule book and I go back to having a CEO of a company. Come out with a statement like that. That that somehow they've made the judgment that racism was driving. Ah, ah, the inappropriate use of force. Again. I don't think we can say that. I think it's nice to say Well, if the cop is white, and the suspect was black, the victim was black. So therefore it must be racism. That's a pretty lousy assumption to be making. And to have a CEO of one of our largest companies come out and basically validate that and then go on in a what is a nine paragraph letter explaining how they're wrestling with this decision about literally saying we're not gonna sell cars to a pretty significant portion. You know, we had at least I think 600 800 cars. Andi. I know that these are not cheap cars. So let's say that there because they're there outfitted with a bunch of special equipment and stuff. So let's say that these cars are 50 grand each for the city of San Diego. Alone. That's a $40 million hit for Ford. For just a cycle of vehicles $40 million. That's just for San Diego Police department, then multiply that by all the police departments across the country. Your shareholder and Ford. Relatively ticked. Out on the opposite end of the spectrum. I'm not a shareholder in Ford. I'm relatively ticked. I'm just relatively tick that the company is taking this kind of stance. Whether they're toward with their emotions. It's the car. It isn't the attitude of the law enforcement official. It isn't It isn't anybody. It's it's the inanimate object, but yet they feel like that. Somehow they're contributing to systemic racism by manufacturing, a police unit. Now on the other end of the spectrum. A CEO of a food company paid a small compliment to President Trump. A Rose Garden ceremony yesterday. And now he is facing calls for resignation, and even members of Congress have urged people to boycott the food manufacturer.

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