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Tail. BJ News. Time is 6 30 Good morning. I'm Mark Caesar. The Austin School district is narrowing its plan for opening schools. Eyes D was wanting that online in class blended option. But like so many other districts, says it's just not feasible this year Superintendent Dr Paul Kruse as they will synchronize the school day for both on campus, an at home learning that includes core classes and fizzy Kel activity. Those expectations will continue around social emotion morning around the core content and also should say elective for those kids who do had to campus buses will run with no more than 14 kids on any given bus at any given time, And that number will be capped off a 10 for students on special education buses. Patrick Osborne News Radio K will be jazz and Trump continues to say the schools need to open education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Fox News Sunday said kids need to get back to in person instruction.

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