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Economy. That's according to the Daily Mail. Tropical Storm Fay whipping the East coast after making landfall, You're Atlantic City, New Jersey earlier this afternoon got wind gusts of 50 to 60 miles an hour, which is really kicking things that I'ma Nickerson Beach were in Lido Beach, New York, This is the first tropical storm warning of the season for this area, which wraps around the entire coastline of New Jersey, Connecticut Long Island. They bring the potential of 3 to 5. Inches. The rain we've been told, and that is the concern for anyone living in a flood zone. And many do right here on Long Island Oxes Laura Ingle in Lido Beach. The storm, causing the Trump campaign to postpone tomorrow's planned rally in New Hampshire. The Justice Department is filed an emergency appeal after a federal judge in Indiana halted the first federal execution plant in 17 years. Setting concerns over covert 19

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