Doja Cat + TikTok = It's a Thing


Here's my justification. We talked about the. Does your Cat Nicki Menaj? Mash up taking over TIKTOK. Then I saw there was a cat freak. Which is a song of hers from Twenty Eighteen, that was taken over Tiktok. So what I'm doing is I'm declaring dosier, cat and TIKTOK. Thing got it. Cat On. Take talk those you can't on Tiktok. Exactly Yeah I think that is, that is true. Yes, I'm not I'm not creating the thing I am acknowledging the thing like this this this this happened before it will happen again. And we won't have to talk about it again because we will have already declared I mean. This is the power by the way, not just it's not just our are stellar reputations here. It's also the power of its thing to just go ahead and put this one in the stone tablet. Does your cat plus tiktok dime those cat on tiktok twenty twenty where on it? Sounds like a campaign. kind of why not honestly why not? which was the running mate doesn't matter doesn't matter. Just you know it's. Fascinating though she. Is From L. A. Area. I think Tarzana she was. She's of south. African descent on her father's side or mother's jewish-american an painter. And she just kind of started on one of those started on soundcloud like you WanNa talk you WanNa talk thing. Totally be people making a name for themselves with music on Soundcloud, then becoming means on Tiktok like she's. She's playing by the modern book. Oh. Definitely I mean the whole sort of crossover thing that is just tick tock song. It's really interesting. It's been interesting to watch. I think I'm assuming it is somewhat pandemic related like talk with obviously spawning hard to tell, isn't it? Yeah, well, what's hard for me to tell like is no one else making new music ray, or is it that is it just the accelerate the expected acceleration of the trends that already was like. Becoming hits because his one on satellite radio like we put it on and my son just like Oh, there's A. TIKTOK. I don't know why that makes them. Lesser exactly wrote really great. One over here. Getting to say that like it's one could also be Tiktok, might be ripping off. It's what I'm just saying it could work. It's really true. It's really true, but yeah. No I mean getting famous for your take on. Its thing. Yeah. From from Lana Zak. To Dosier. We keep you informed of. For for as long as as discord points out for as long as tiktok is allowed in the US. Keeping, you want to go too much on the side. Jaguar wouldn't give that much credence until until it's in in a policy document. There's a lot of posturing involved in in in that so I'm not saying it won't happen I'm just saying right now. It's at the stage of. Let's say things to make other people angry, so we can get things out of them, not like. Let's actually do a thing. Yeah, also the kids will not be having

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