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In high school for having again. He's ninety four sweetie. How is e. You did a show in my hometown. Actress nineteen. I talked about her cozy. I've talked about dick's. I just was like in. What do you say to someone when you are looking at them. And you're like you're having a bachelor party for a relationship that i know it's not gonna work out but you know it. So what do i do. Nineteen your school. Sweethearts makes the story list. Sweet looking into this is twenty one and over like are you even allow. You set your own standards for eighteen up. Because i thought it was approached her her whole family was there was just like you can go to a club at eighteen and less safe. Otherwise i think they're just not allowed to get alcohol. Robbing oh my gosh. So that was really stressful. But this entire weekend Emily was being so funny so funny the entire time and then there was a night that we were just like drinking and hanging out. And what are you. Drinking percent goes sour with come on top. What's it called. what is it a pearl necklace. Okay she gets a drink. That's an a little like like as if she's a in monaco holding this little fancy thing with half of its cream like i thought it was like a russian white russian or something. I don't know what are they called cream nipples or something. What was it a pecos. Our puce goes sour. When i did shame about it on instagram. Everyone came to your defense and said that it's very delicious and it's a peruvian drink and it's lovely but whoever put the rupees overboard because emily was just going off that night being so funny and she just slipped by as we're talking she's a when i did stand up when you did what he's like. Oh i did a couple of standups ads like like i said my life's a joke. What do you mean you did. Stand up this. Is someone that i've known for eight years used to work at. Snl like this is someone that seen comedy from every angle. The one thing. I did not know she did was stand up so in my head. I'm like oh she. S when she was twenty two and i was like oh when was like two years ago. I told her i had to see. I had to see her set and she had to show me. So we've watched 'em emily. Let us watchers. Are you sure you're okay with those airing. This premiering this. We've already called her. What else can i call over. The world premiere reason. Come on in. let's see what you got reason. You like this story is because of how it ended up which is shared album. Oh that's our okay. Hold on hold on backup. Emily will you please tell the story of i give believe i just remembered that so. Emily told me the story go. It's a tough once. Will it all starts when one side of boyfriend. And i decided to start doing standup. But i didn't tell whitney new super threatened so i went to do my little set and this was my second set. I leave and i figured i was so good. I was going to apply for a. I was going to submit myself to an nbc standup contest. Because i done it seconds. Whatever she spent. Here's my special four minutes. So i asked a guy in the audience to record it so one of the guys that wasn't allowed to leave because he'd also paints dollars to be there..

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