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The sixers why do you think that is the most likely destination for the spurs to move him well because it because it satisfies every one it keeps them out of the western conference and to because of his representation he has rather new guys they don't have any sort of reputation they don't they're not a known entity and so to make something like this happen the agents aren't going to be very useful in this so it's going to require a trade partner that you really trust and brett brown running the show now for the philadelphia seventy sixers is a san antonio guy so it makes all the sense in the world especially from the philadelphia and if if if anybody is going to have a feeling like you know what we know how we could give ourselves a chance to convince stay long term it's it's someone who knows him been around in knows the san antonio organization and at the same time they have the kind of team where he could fit in there i mean we just saw with paul george and oklahoma city everybody thought that was a really bad bet and lo and behold it paid off i i don't know if it would pay off for philadelphia but you have to things going for it you have a really young dynamic team in philadelphia it's going to have a lot of success and could easily be in the eastern conference finals next year and on the other hand you gotta lakers team that i know everybody's all excited about lebron being there but that team's not that team is not built for lebron and i have serious questions as to exotic care what biggest says exactly where they're going to finish so you have a chance of of spending a year we're leonard goes through the eastern conference finals any washes a team with lebron james scrape into the playoffs and maybe get knocked out in the first round if not the second round all of that can change the dynamic of what you're looking at but it starts with how how are we going to get there get the guy there and how are we going to satisfy the spurs since they're being forced to make this move i just i see them wanting to work with somebody from san antonio and i see them doing what they can move the guy to the eastern conference and the last thing is when i look at some of the pieces that have been there have been rumored like dario dario dario will go to san antonio he will fit right into that san antonio system happy he'll be happy to be in san antonio you're telling me that lonzo ball or brandon ingram or tile kuzma after living in la playing free and easy in la now they're going to go to live in san antonio plan side play in the san antonio system go so i don't have that from anybody specific talk to some people in the league in terms of comparing notes but that a philly deal just make the hell of a lot more sense ricky is always a pleasure to talk to you my friend enjoy the rest of soon same to you guys are great stuff i rebuke bleacher reports senior nba right as a great follow on twitter at rick nuclear you miss what he had to say potentially about maybe being a philadelphia seventy six or lebron james in los angeles and maybe the boogie cousins dealer golden state was because of that subscribe to the freddie fitzsimmons podcast you can do listen tab of the espn app and apple podcasts a very happy kobe brian on the brian james joining his team that's next on espn radio rajon rondo signing a one year deal with the lakers.

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