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But just to the past hour answering a question outside the white house on his way to air force one listened closely life thanks north korea's going to go very well mr trump on his way to a political rally supporting republican candidate in the pittsburgh area could more nations get exempt from us tariffs on imported steel and aluminum the white house says alternative ways for japan and france to address us concerns on steel and aluminum were discussed with leaders of those nations cops made an arrest in a seventeen hour long standoff has over and pomona california just in the past hour so police are at an apartment complex were two officers were shot ones dead the other in serious condition man inside as arrested after a car chase than a foot pursued last night sheriff jim mcdonald's says the man barricaded himself in an apartment it certainly is a sad day for the pomona police department it's a sad day for our community and it's a sad day for law enforcement and general three women who helped traumatized veterans are being remembered in northern california police say they were killed by a patient kicked out of a treatment program at the pathway home a nonprofit post traumatic stress disorder program at the veterans home of california in napa valley their bodies in that of the alleged gunman were found inside a building there beyond phil mayor john dunbar three women that were lost yesterday dedicated their lives to helping our veterans in particular since nine eleven in the afghanistan in iraq conflicts the wars that have sent so many of our brothers and sisters back home with new challenges former trump chief strategist steve bannon speaking to france's farright antiimmigrant national front congress in france just hours ago you're listening to abc news hey my name's brand he ever make a change in wonder why didn't they do this long time ago that's what's happening for thousands of people with regard to their health care their joining medi share in and they're wondering what he minority do this for most members it cost less than half what they were paying for their old health.

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