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Welcome to. Tonight's monocle daily with me. Andrew moolah it seems obvious enough that someone somewhere is to blame for yesterday's bridge. Collapse in Genoa in which thirty nine people now known to have died, major items of crucial infrastructure in modern countries should not simply fold down. However, the fact that investigations into the Morandi bridge disaster have barely begun has not dissuaded Italian politicians and officials from apportioning and or docking blame the prime minister Giuseppi Kante pledged, to revoke the contract of bridge operator order Strada Pella Talia, the management of which in turn refused Kohl's to resign. I'm joined now by the political journalist, Georgia Orlandi Georgia briefly of what have been today's principle political responses to this. Well, we've been hearing from the Mattel Salvini and some members of the populist governments saying and blaming Brussels austerity policies for what happened. Been full. The fact that way they believe the Brussels imposed some sort of constraints on the amount of money that easily could spend infrastructures, but we will so heard today. The response coming from the European Commission saying that it's up to Rome to decide the way that they want to spend their money. And the other thing that is quite interesting to note here is that autostrada which is a state owned privately funded company, of course, is organized in a way that's the state as very little control on the way money is spent over an infrastructures. So what we can say today's that, of course, it's really becoming beyond the political debate. Blaming game really about who is responsible for what happened to go back to the claim by Matteo Salvini the minister for the interior that this is in some way the fault of the. Given that we still don't actually went nowhere ne- and knowing what caused this catastrophe is that not being seen as kind of a cheap shot by Italians. Yes. Indeed, there has been a lot of criticism that goes in align with what has been said regarding the possible causes of this disaster police said, I sad that cloudbursts dead had been seen around the bridge when the collapse happened, but of course experts and now also protects initiative. Eli, Saudi authorities are saying that this cannot be this is not a just a ks, and this is not something that just happened because of some external factors. It's becoming clear and clearer through experts and engineers. They're speaking on the case that of course, although there has been some maintenance on the bridge, the causes are in fact linked to the fact that this bridge was supposed to be damaged many years ago into be reconstructed. Is there a concern. On the part of the government. And this, I guess, may explain that they face to apportion blame that. This might be one of those stories that can get away from them. Even though they are obviously a newly incoming government and that it would be a stretch to blame then for this, this could become one of those stories couldn't at which a kind of already irritable electorate starts to see is symbolic of a wide decline a bit. Like I guess the reasons bite of bus fires you've had in Rome, which have been interpreted very much in that fashion. Yes. Indeed, the government is a is in a very dangerous position day are trying now to play there. If you want to feel and try to make these appear as a way to show that they resent the government of change. And that's why they're trying to, of course, promise a several intervention and they're promising, for example, we've heard Konta. Yes, that is saying that they. They want to carry out checks over every infrastucture. Initially, these is becoming very, they're very on the edge in the sense that it could really if you want go out of control, they're trying to, as I said to use this as a way to build up their appeal. But of course, the risk is very high and they're risking their credibility here. This is far from being the first bridge collapse in Italy in recent years. There have been several others Mercifully none quite as large scale or as catastrophic as this one. Certainly in terms of loss of life, is there among Italians if you think back forty, eight hours before this disaster wasn't a general topic of national conversation. The the decaying state of Italian infrastructure. Yes. Indeed, these is being the object of many years of political debate in particular case of the Morandi bridge. We know that or ready back in the beginning of the two thousand..

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