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Memorable fight? You rob got into growing up? We used to find all the time. But you know, I think the one time when we when we got older we had a little, you know, little fight. I thought it was just gonna throw him down one day. And Manny reversed me hit me. And I was like all right. That's it. And so so we we duked it out pretty good that time and he ended up with a with a broken ankle like so I hit him. I guess he felt that it was like broke his ankle. So that was a good shot. There's a good shot at the one that broke his ankle with a good shot. Where did you catch that? Maybe if you can hit a guy, you know in the dole. The notice and broke his ankle. Yeah. It was one of those things. Rex Ryan with us on ESPN radio the things that are happening with Jared Goff since the Kansas City game one touchdowns seven interceptions. I never know. When this sport wreck, maybe you can help me because you know, more than we do about this stuff. I never know when a guy's hurt. I've never seen someone go from MVP candidate to wars quarterback in the league over four or five games. But he's playing like the worst quarterback in the league. The last few games. You know, number one. He's not the guy that's hurt. And he wasn't the true MVP candidate through MVP candidate is hurt. And that's hot girly. He wasn't even close to being himself yesterday. And I think that was because I was expecting him to have a massive day against that eagle defense who quite honestly since week six giving up five point seven yards per rush, which is dead last in the NFL. So I expect the girl you'd have a monster day, but it was clear right from jump that. They can't you know, he'd never had that that I in that power. And you know, to me, I guess they're saying it's new or whatever. But, but he clearly isn't the same guy was at the early, you know, earlier this season. What are you seeing from the patriots? I mean last week was a fluke losing their. No shame and losing in Pittsburgh..

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