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Trial to date at Power Slam DOT TV and we're back and the second half was fucking stacked. I don't know like the the first half was a little shaky with some of these matches but the second half fucking delivered delivered and we started off with Joshua Bishop versus Matthew Justice for the A. W. in Tez Championship Holy Shit who wants to start aw man so I knew I think Matt Justice might have been the one that tweeted this but I thought it already at that point that Matt Josh were stealing the fucking show whether it be this Matin Josh or the other that Josh and this Matt Josh told fucking show now this this might be Josh Bishops fucking year like he from Mania Ed's this two of my favorite matches this year in wrestling in general have been Josh Bishop matches. He's fucking beasts. Pun intended also ten fucking Wang at the show scream and shit for justice and Bishop out of the way because we're not in like the same kind of Jim. His voice doesn't Echo as much. I didn't know where he was. I couldn't hear him. I didn't know he was there. I seen seen them or he was yelling like I've seen him but I never heard him and that's what got me. He was like Kinda behind where I was so I could hear him like yeah as about Karma. He was always like kind of like behind our section but still like how that Jim was set up like you know you get fucking. I think he could hear him anywhere well. Yeah I mean that Jim was all just like concrete and plastic bleachers. Now we're in a room. That's like wood paneling and some other you know whatever the ceilings made out of some sort of basement excellent yeah so yeah his you know Shit doesn't Echo as much but he was definitely there man. This match was just a brutal mother Fucker as predicted yeah. Let's let's just talk. Talk about. Joshua Bishop wins via crucifix bomb onto a chair your new intense champion Joshua fucking bishop yeah. How about this one Evans agreed? I I think too like like you mentioned stacy about two top matches so far this year you know four months into it has been Joshua Bishop of the two which one if we said like all right end of the year right now match of the year which which one you putting Greenie okay I I'm. I'm leaning that way right now to then. Is that like my favorite magic year so far that fucker slid into like my all time somewhere damn like that's. I really really really really fucking like that match a lot <hes> this match was great. Though this was I these two could fight for the rest of the year on every show. I'm fine with it from now through Christmas. Just Gogo Kennedy Kennedy said that one of the best things to happen to Josh Bishop in the past year was the falling apart of no consequences yeah for sure sure that can be said <hes>. I think I benefited a lot of those guys I think being in no consequences also benefited a lot of those guys <hes> tags at the end it was just it was a different thing than what the production you know what I mean layup. The production was the thing that you could see going on going forward. The no consequences was more of a thing of convenience to to get all those guys together we have and it works it gave them all ways to get that experience and amateur now. Some of them are doing crazy. Shit like Josh Bishop as great then we have well. Also you know trailer barred you'd Guess Chase Oliver when when when he returned from injury because that was really starting to pick up a little bit of steam of just those two I would assume that those two would just pick up where they left off. Once chase can wrestle again yeah <hes> but in the meantime odd Lamar is doing things like winning this scramble on this show Yeah Stone Yeah I I think having been in that group benefited all these guys and I think not being has benefited the ones that are currently around the neck and the only one we haven't really heard much from but there's reasoning behind it is guaranteeing baller. Yeah he's busy. You know stuff yeah for those who don't know just touch on lightly as he has <hes> <hes> schooling outside of wrestling that has taken priority right now so so if you want have been wondering where he is that's where he is. He's making sure that he's not gonna be broke. Wrestlers yeah pretty much not so far what I've heard he's good at it these great U._S._O.. More power to him I definitely miss him. I've thought he was <hes>. I don't say great character but he was really coming out of his shell of what we saw when he first started and that's what I I was enjoying seeing like when he would cut a promo. It was just this tougher side and I was like Oh this is really good. I like it but man Josh Bishop Joshua Bishop who always talk Shit Josh Bishop <hes> I. I don't know that there's a ceiling feeling on that kid right now. Like I feel like you could be the next star comes out. I've put it between him and dom and it's like it's between them. Thumb's got a head start for sure. Ah Dom just had that awesome announcement about w w like there if we were to have a lake ranking of all the A._A.. W students from the beginning like this one into right now when are willing does something the the other manages to top IT <hes> yeah. I think there's there's a great competition between them. I mean just that's why we saw that that great feud and I think that's not necessarily done right now. I mean well a pins put in and that's going to be revisited at some point almost has. You too but like you just see professionally how hard they they're working and even outside of a w an A. Student wise like why put them one and two because I feel like they're out. There were way more than everybody else. Both of those guys had a lot of a lot of success outside of ad w <hes> dom being at evolve and tagged with Kevin coup and <hes> you know working all over the northeast <unk> Slash Midwest and Bishop has to bishop spend in Tennessee and <hes> Indiana and shit like I think it's interesting that Bishop got a belt nee I w adopted though in what we've seen outside out of a w from Joshua Bishop is we've seen more than just regular Joshua Bishop. He had a very short run in southern underground pro as slutty cat which started off as kind of a joke but it turned into like a year ear thing which the it was just Joshua bishop getting to do something a little different a little bit of fun for him. Oh Kado so much fun I mean I've heard Hefford people out there hating and the but it's not necessarily you know like a huge pocket fans it was it was a fun parody of like what we have with alley cat but I don't know the fact that it also to state in one company was just so much fun. We have any more to say about about Joshua. Bishop and fucking like justice was in there in there on that shit too so here's the thing I mean there's there's more to it. We just gotTa get further through this shout okay next up. We have what it turned out. Being between the episode in the show there were there was a change in the card. Sadly Nick Gage had a wedding to go to know more power to him but in a replacement manse warner versus Eddie Kingston instead his snatch still ruled yes hold on saw Mass Warner wins via Larry it to the face. I might just right in the face. I felt like the teased him. Duke not be together for much longer and boy. That's that makes me happy I caught. I don't know if we're just looking too far ahead here too deep into stuff but I just love that will man's comes out. Duke always comes through the curtain. I gets booed. Man's comes through the curtain gets Cheer Duke is what he does and so his manse for totally different reasons as about saying put this on twitter on my personal twitter. The Duke is the best wrestling manager in all of Ohio. There are probably true. I feel like there's some out there that act like they are number one they they don't have as big of profile as big a company but I think the heat that do can get is just nuclear so the only address I will put on that would be and it would be the same for the other guy that I think will qualify for it but technically dukes not just a manager. Is He wrestles. Yeah I think when Dr Dan Works as a manager and not as a wrestler. He's a solid one B to the duke hugging me that like I agree Duke Dr Dan or both managers so interesting comparison Nano US yeah. I think maybe it's because like Dan is is newer this yeah. That's fair yeah he he definitely. I'm not gonNA knock his credentials like he's. He's not in the joke has been made like Dr. Dan could be the duke son and it it would be believable. I can see it hard of me wants them to do that but at the I don't like just have that be like our joke 'cause like I said I've heard it before. I don't remember where but the comparison has been made. It makes so much fucking sense yeah. We've already got one a father son tandem and yeah I mean I don't need another so yeah man's Warner and <hes> with the Duke. I feel like they've been teasing that for a while like we're eventually going to pay off eventually not sure how Sutin but it's going to happen because I think it happened at the last show to the at this place I can walk where it looked like something was about to happen between manse and Jock and then like I and so I feel like they're teasing it but it's not happening right now. We'll say I feel like have a Manson tag team almost like a waste of manse right now too because he's the guy go through this match him Eddie Kingston had a fucking. We've spent this whole time talking about tooks manager. This batch was fucking great doubt it was it was just fucking. It was another like brutal you just fucking match. I loved it. This is not the first time manse his wrestle Bankston I would I would guess not. They did some stuff in I W A in Manse told me one other confident in his slipping my mine right now but that's a super excited for this 'cause I've seen their other matches and they were all really really doing just beat ninety another for twenty minutes and it means we still get nick gage Orissa's Eddie Kingston some point at some some point. Oh God I hope so. I just put it on the rats real. Yeah yeah sounds good to me next up. We had a match CAYDEN. You didn't tell me that I forgot to post..

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