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And you know the thing with the US is we travel with so many fans in every home game, hat, sorry, every game as felt like a home game for the United States and in Ron's and lahar, which is where their last game was even in Paris, they had twenty thousand strong they've been taking over stadium. So this'll be the first time that obviously, I think, in Paris, and they're playing the host country, it's going to be a pro France crowd, and that's gonna play part in the country. Here is so excited about their team their numbers. They've getting ten million watching their first game. They've, they've been drawing more fans than they ever had have of course, for their team. So they're entirely enthusiastic about knocking off the defending World Cup champions as everyone always is hard. So, so we'll get you oughta here on this given the fact that it is in Paris, given the fact that your. Apprehensions about the goalie of not necessarily been allayed given all of that stuff which way are you leaning in this particular game? Come on. Come on. Yeah. We go. All that they're still going to win. And that's the thing I love about this group. Honestly, is this is a team and you can hear it when they talk they live for these moments you have veterans on this team and Megara piano, Tobin heath, and Alex Morgan, you go down the list. Alley Krieger, and these players are saying, oh my gosh. This is the moment you dream about you want the host in the quarterfinal game against France in Paris on a Friday night. And so I love that they're willing to embrace that pressure, and I think they're going to do well under that pressure. So I'm taking the United States of America. It's official so. Appreciate it. All right, guys. Thanks a steak one last break. But still to come catcher. Russell Martin pitches. Second one two three inning. Is he for real? And how worry should the yanked be about Carlos Stanton's latest trip to the injured list? You know what they hit a million home runs without him. They do. You know, I don't think they need a judge. Still playing. Yeah. People have twenty second birthday Yordan Alvarez Alvarez a rookie outfielder for the Houston Astro Ria's played in fourteen games already has seven home runs and eighteen RBI which is what we call on pace for Cooperstown, he doesn't just hit home runs hit some to your home. They go four hundred and fifty fees straight scouting. Tony. You've got a great team. You can add this kind of talent this kind of back to your lineup this scary again. They're really really not. So happy aaniversary to Kwami Brown, and Anthony Bennett on this day in two thousand one and two thousand thirteen respectively Brown invented with a number on overall picks in the NBA draft round with chosen by Michael Jordan, Jordan briefly ran the Washington Wizards stay league for twelve seasons. Never had any impact to and selected him out of a Georgia high school Bennett was the first pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers out of UNLV, and he did nothing who's on the league and four just how many. Scored per game. Then it's probably the worst number one ever Brown. I would think top six eight probably all those clips with Jordan is trying to splaine to him, a, you want all these kids in the NBA. You don't want always arguing they should be. They should be in college. I mean trails Giancarlo Stanton. The Yankee slugger is back on the injured list with a sprained right? Need standings played in only nine games this season? Yankee GM Brian Cashman does not expect him back until August while the Yankees at home runs in every game. Anyway. They're killing the ball, their first place in the AL by seven games tooth is they don't need Stanton now. But they couldn't. Who else you're going to need down the line, of course? In The a big big reddish. reddish here, we've still at the Celtics are hiring Carol off as an assistant coach thoughts. I'm happy for all the things she did right here in Washington happy, and proud of is known Susic kid, real good luck involved, the Celtics USA men be Panama one mill to win their group in the Gulf up. It's a big deal..

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