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The heck did not come from. I don't feel like fantasy. Both jin johnston who who the tim johnson. Well fuck me out. It's not my fault. You don't know who i am. I've been in the game for quite a while. Do you feel like if if the announcer was just like. I mean i know you already getting ready for a title fight but if they just came out and said norris coming back. October twenty third in fighting johnson just without any of this other fantasy matchmaking. Do think like no one cared went there. Probably like ten percent out of care of the rest of. Oh we get to watch fight. So yeah it is. I just had this fantasy built off go. you know. Maybe it'll be tasty matches but the fact of the matter is you're getting despite now you're signed on to fight fate or in moscow. Like how fired up. Are you for this opportunity. Just for yourself man. I'm stoked about it Family everything like you know they. They always trash their head but suddenly highschool on my grandma country i to go see his. Russia finally get to go to russia and get the plight the greatest heavyweight of all time. While i do it. I can only dream come true kind of going back to the milososki fight. You came up short in your bid to become an interim heavyweight champion. I'm sure you've mentally moved on from that. You got something big on the horizon but just kind of going back to that night and that site in particular like how do you look back on it around a month and a half or so later diary. Wash defied a couple of times and had had some friends coaches watch it and gave audits by on. You know i knew it was gonna be a close spike.

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