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Following a breaking news story in daily city inside the parking lot of a target shopping center. This is a Sam trans bus that crashed into at least ten cars and through a bunch of shopping carts that were stored in those metal barriers you typically see in a shopping center parking lot. One of the target carts is actually lodged underneath the Sam trans bus or several injuries. We'll get you the very latest. Kim vestal has you covered and we have bob butler on the way to the scene. Right now though we need to talk to San Francisco forty-niners because they're now new injury concerns, Joe Hughes joins us from the KCB as sports life. Yeah, the niners do have some health issues heading into this weekend's matchup with the dolphins, left tackle Trent Williams and wide receiver deebo Samuel, both officially listed as questionable for Sunday. Trent Williams had to leave practice today with back spasms he was seen limping off the field, not as head coach Kyle Shanahan was asked if this has been an ongoing issue, and what's his level of concern for Sunday? I don't know him having many. I mean, I'm not too concerned about it. I asked Chris if he was all right, so that's just big guy problems once we used to get him sometimes. He usually have them on game day. That's a big deal. So he had him today. It's been the day resting and stuff. And expecting to be all right, but I hope that doesn't happen on Sunday. Well, that was the optimistic outlook from Kyle's Shanahan as for debo, Samuel, he was able to practice a little bit today, but Shanahan says he was very limited with that quad injury he did not practice yesterday, and Shanahan says there is some real concern that deebo Samuel will not be able to play this Sunday. So we'll have to wait. He will be a game time decision. As for Miami, they're dealing with some injury issues as well. They're starting right tackle Austin Jackson already ruled out for their game and their left tackle, terran Armstead, is doubtful for that game. So Miami could be without a pair of their starting offensive linemen, which means I'd expect a very big game from niners defensive in Nick Bosa and going from football to football we got some football I should say we got some updated injury news for the U.S. men's soccer team. Midfielder Christian Pulisic has been cleared to play in tomorrow's game against the Netherlands. He's been dealing with what was diagnosed as a pelvic contusion that forced him to leave the win over Iran with a first half goal, but he tweeted from the hospital bed that he will do everything in his power to be able to play tomorrow. From the sports desk, Joe Hughes, Casey throughout the 60s and 70s, cops

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